Cult of the Lamb: How to Time Travel for Event Items

The Blood Moon Festival was just released, advertising followers and decorations that you can only get between October 24th and November 10th – but no need for FOMO, this event isn’t actually limited.

After the event ends you can STILL go back and play it by changing the date and time on your computer. All your saves can have cute crow followers, no matter what time of year it is.


Time-travel on Windows

On a Windows PC, you can manually change the date and time by going to the bottom-right corner of your taskbar and right-clicking the date.

(Windows 10)
Go to “Adjust date/time”
Toggle OFF “set time automatically”
Then click “change” under set the date and time manually.
From here, you can change the time, day, month, and year.

You can activate the Blood Moon Festival by changing your time to anywhere between October 24th and November 10th, of ANY year.

When you’re done time travelling, just toggle “set time automatically” back on.

Bear in mind that changing the date like this may cause some sync-errors if you’re using the Steam Cloud, but if you revert your time back to current-date before closing out of the game, you should be fine.

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