Jupiter Hell: Color Guide

Here is a simple color guide for the Jupiter Hell game.   Jupiter Hell Color Guide Doors: Yellow: A normal door, open by bumping into it (or for some, walking near it) Purple: Vault door: This is opened at a terminal Red: Secure door: Need a red keycard to open this Weapons: Yellow: Basic weapon … Read more

Jupiter Hell: All Acronyms List

This is a list of acronyms found in Jupiter Hell.   Jupiter Hell All Acronyms List AMf: The Angry Mother**** trait (marine) AMP: Amplifier, an item that goes in the Utility slot AoB: Angel of Berserk challenge, can only use melee weapon group AoC: Angel of Carnage challenge, can only use launcher weapon group AoD: … Read more

Jupiter Hell: All Glossaries List

Here is a list of Glossaries found in Jupiter Hell.   Jupiter Hell All Glossaries List Aim, Aim Bonus: The bonus to accuracy you get from waiting while targeting an enemy. Branch: An alternate side-path to go through part of a Moon Challenge: A game mode with additional restrictions on the player, starting with “Angel of”. … Read more