Jupiter Hell: Color Guide for Beginners

The Jupiter Hell game version 1.0 is now fully released. Here is a color guide for the latest full version.


Color Guide for Beginners


  • Yellow: A normal door, open by bumping into it (or for some, walking near it)
  • Purple: Vault door: This is opened at a terminal
  • Red: Secure door: Need a red keycard to open this


  • Yellow: Basic weapon (stats are always the same)
  • Orange: Basic weapon, 2nd weapon with the same icon, usually a slight variant or upgrade
  • Cyan: This weapon is any basic type but with 1-2 random perks pre-modded onto it
  • Purple: Exotic: A special weapon, with a specific perk unique to this weapon
  • Green: Unique: A very special weapon, unmoddable

Armor and helmets:

  • Green: The most basic model
  • Blue: The 2nd tier of armor
  • Red: The 3rd tier of armor
  • Cyan: Any of the above tiers pre-modded with 1-2 random perks.
  • Purple: Exotic: A special armor, with a specific perk unique to this weapon
  • Green: Unique: A very special armor, unmoddable


  • Blue: Ammo chest
  • White: Normal chest: could hold anything!
  • Red: Medical chest: Medkits, stimpacks and health orbs.
  • Yellow: Special chest: Better rewards, sometimes specified by level
  • Purple: Reward chest: Should be something valuable in here

Lift colours (On lift / on minimap):

  • Yellow / Blue: Next level in current branch
  • Green / Green: Switch to a different branch
  • Pink / Pink: Optional special level
  • Cyan / Cyan: Side-room – small sub-level, you return back to this level afterwards
  • White / Cyan: Locked side-room – needs to be activated, maybe at a terminal
  • Grey / Dark blue: Inactive lift – usually where you started the level

By Qetuth

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