Jupiter Hell: All Glossaries List

Here is a list of Glossaries found in Jupiter Hell.


Jupiter Hell All Glossaries List
  • AimAim Bonus: The bonus to accuracy you get from waiting while targeting an enemy.
  • Branch: An alternate side-path to go through part of a Moon
  • Challenge: A game mode with additional restrictions on the player, starting with “Angel of”.
  • Demon: A category of enemy. Basically anything which is not a human or robot
  • Durability: The amount of damage armor can take before it breaks
  • EMP: A damage type which only damaged mechs, also giving them the Disrupted status.
  • Exalted: A special, more powerful, variant of a regular enemy
  • Exotic: Purple items which are especially powerful, but only have 1 mod slot
  • High-Tier: Enemies with 61 or more max hp
  • Impact: Default damage type with no special properties
  • Low-Tier: Enemies with 60 or less max hp
  • Mech / Mechanical: A category of enemy. Drones, Turrets, Sentries, and Bots. Non-mechanical refers to everything except these four types
  • Message: An email found at a terminal which gives hints about upcoming levels
  • Mod Pack: A crafting item which can add a perk to weapons or armor
  • Pain: A debuff to accuracy you get when taking damage
  • Perk: A bonus property on an equippable item which gives a bonus to that item or to the character.
  • Pierce: Damage type which does double damage/penetration to armor, and double damage to mechs
  • Plasma: Damage type which does double damage/penetration to armor
  • Reload efficiency: Ratio of how many bullets are taken from inv to fill a weapon. Double efficiency means only 1 bullet taken from inv for every 2 that go into the gun clip.
  • Semi-mechancial: A category of enemy. Demons with some mechanical parts. Still count as demons and as non mechanical
  • Slashing: Damage type which does half damage to mechs and half penetration of armor
  • Special Level: An optional challenging level at the end of a branch, with special rewards
  • Trait: A skill which is permanently taken on level up.
  • Trial: A game mode with a different game/level structure.
  • Unique: Sparkly green items which are the most powerful tier of item, but cannot be modded
  • Utility: An item slow which holds AMP items, which gives 2 perks, often related to a specific weapon group.
  • Weapon Group: A category of weapons. Many perks and traits only affect certain groups. Weapon groups are: Pistol, SMG, Semi, Auto, Rotary, Shotgun, Launcher, Melee
  • Zombie: A category of enemy. All humans except those whose name starts with CRI

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