PAYDAY 3: Laser Maze Solutions for Under The Surphaze

Correct pathways for all of the laser mazes (and alternate entry points) in Under The Surphaze on Overkill.   E1 Since E1 is the only room that doesn’t have any lasers, even on Overkill, I’ll take a moment to explain the layout of this guide. Each section contains two images: … Read More

PAYDAY 3: All Challenges List

Overview of the chllenges in Payday 3 for leveling.   General Tips Before getting into the list of Challenges per map (I wish there was a filter by map, hense why I’m making this guide at all) here are some general tips to keep your levels flowing. 1) ALWAYS and … Read More

PAYDAY 3: FPS Boost + Stuttering Mitigation + Force HDR

In this guide I will show you how to increase in-game FPS, fix most stutters and force HDR Output by adding some parameters and cvars on the game’s config files.   Launch Parameter On Payday 3’s game properties you can add a launch parameter so the game will use DX12 … Read More

PAYDAY 3: “Under the Surphaze” Safe Location

I know you probably can’t find it. Lots of players couldn’t on first time. I’ll make it quick and simple.   Where is it? It’s here. It’s right here. It isn’t marked for you whatsoever and there’s no hint that it’s there. But here it is. That’s it. That’s a … Read More

PAYDAY 3: How to Increase FOV Beyond 90

How to increase FOV beyond 90   How to do it This is only for windows! Step 1 – Open windows search and type “%appdata%” (without the ” marks) Step 2 – Open the location and head 1 step back in the folder so you would be in “C:\Users\ USERNAME\AppData\” Step 3 … Read More

PAYDAY 3: Stealth Guide & Tips

Learn the mechanics and tips of Payday 3 stealth   General Tips / Kind of TLDR You have unlimited zipties! Use them! Try not to kill civs. It takes away a percent of your money. When masked up, don’t sprint! The guards will hear it even on different floors and begin a … Read More