PAYDAY 3: How to Increase FOV Beyond 90

How to increase FOV beyond 90


How to do it

This is only for windows!

Step 1
– Open windows search and type “%appdata%” (without the ” marks)

Step 2
– Open the location and head 1 step back in the folder so you would be in “C:\Users\

Step 3
– Now open the follow the path “Local” -> “PAYDAY3” -> “Saved” -> “Config” -> “WindowsClient”
So the top bar should say this “C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\PAYDAY3\Saved\Config\WindowsClient”
ofcourse your windows user name will be on the USERNAME‘s place.

Step 4
– Now open the file named “GameUserSettings.ini” with any text editor, even the windows notepad works for it.
And in there look for variable called “CameraVerticalFoV”
so it should look like (tho numbers may vary) :


So you can change the value to what ever you want. I use 110. after that make sure you save and you should be good to go.

And here is a photo step by step guide.


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