PAYDAY 3: Laser Maze Solutions for Under The Surphaze

Correct pathways for all of the laser mazes (and alternate entry points) in Under The Surphaze on Overkill.



Since E1 is the only room that doesn’t have any lasers, even on Overkill, I’ll take a moment to explain the layout of this guide. Each section contains two images: the door you’ll open with a QR code (or the window/vent you’ll open)…
…and a GIF of the solution to the laser maze beneath it.



E4 (Door Entry)

E4 (Skylight Entry)

E5 (Door Entry)

E5 (Skylight Entry)

E6 (Door Entry)

E6 (Vent Entry)

This vent has a bad habit of knocking you into the path of a laser when you jump down, so either use the door orĀ be careful.

E7 (Door Entry)

E7 (Vent Entry)


This guide was written as of the Syntax Error update (v. If any of these solutions are no longer valid, please tell me in the comments. Happy heisting!

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