Tale of Immortal: All Bosses Guide

Here is a full bosses guide for Tale of Immortal (鬼谷八荒).


Tale of Immortal All Bosses Guide

Bosses (Artisan Skill Bosses and Evergreen)

One of the earliest bosses. On lower difficulties he’s a cake walk – he’ll barely get to attack between summoning up his shield, having you immediately break it and getting stunned, then you pushing him to his next shield. You rarely encounter him at higher realms, but he will occasionally pop up in herb gardens or the like. He only has 2 attacks – A circle wave (usually cast in bunches with slight variation so that there is no fully clear gap in the circle) and a line continual damage stream, also usually cast repeatedly. Dodging the line is easy enough. The circle can be tricky but on lower difficulties he’ll rarely get to cast much because of the afore mentioned stunning. Chaos comments: Evergreen at the lower realms isn’t much more difficult than his lower difficulty version, just with the usual increases in damage. Where I actually found him more frustrating was encountering him in higher realms (Origin and later). At this point he has enough HP relative to your damage that he will actually get to execute his attack patterns. If your defensive stats aren’t high enough, these can actually be fairly dangerous, as on Chaos, he will frequently combine a wave of the circle pellets with the line AOEs, and like most Chaos bosses, these can’t be ignored unless you have a realm advantage.

Blood Puppet
The Blood Puppet is an annoying boss at any difficulty due to his CC abilities. He has 3 attacks, 2 of which are very similar and all of which have CC effects. He’ll usually open by summoning adds like most bosses. The next attack will be a blood array which deals damage inside it’s aoe and makes it hard to move. This will be a double cast on higher difficulties, generally necessitating a movement skill to escape unless fighting a lower realm version. The next move will be a long charge – Juking movement can evade it but if your agility isn’t high enough, getting out of the way is nearly impossible. It hits hard and silences you, preventing you from using items or techniques. And he usually follows it up multiple times (The amount of charges seems to increase with realm). Following this, he does a series of short hopping charges that are much easier to evade but have the same CC effect, then reset to add summoning and repeat. Chaos comments: While the Blood Puppet’s pattern is easy enough, it requires high agility to dodge, and saving your movement to escape the blood array. The blood array does plenty of damage, and worse, you can’t dodge his charge while it’s restricting your movement, meaning you’ll get stunned into a series of hard hitting attacks while taking damage from the array. I don’t advise taking on Blood puppets until you’re able to consistently dodge the charge without a movement skill – Special technique affixes which increase your agility on cast can be very helpful for this.

Crystal Golem
The crystal golem has only 2 attacks – A easily dodged line smash, and a rain of meteors that create quicksand. At lower difficulties, these aren’t much of a threat, and the smash is easy to dodge. Chaos comments: This and the Bloodfire Mask are easily the two most annoying Artisan skill bosses on Chaos. The damage from the meteor rain is very high on Chaos – A few seconds of exposure as an equal realm cultivator is fatal (Unless perhaps you are an Earth cultivator and neutralize it). This can make raising your Ore skill very difficult – I generally had to wait until the second realm of each tier to consistently kill the golem on Chaos.

Bloodfire Mask
The other half of the Artifact artisan skill bosses. Darkfire mask is basically stationary, with a damage aoe field around it. At lower difficulties, this is negligible. He has two attacks. A series of bursting explosions which have two safe zones in a bullseye target pattern (standing just outside his damage aoe field is fairly safe spot), and a stream of damaging shots which can be dodged by side to side movement if you have some distance. Chaos comments: Like the Crystal Golem, the Bloodfire mask is a nightmare to fight at the first realm of each tier. He has extremely high damage and can easily 100-0 your cultivator in one attack if you fail to dodge. If you fight up close, dodging his damage stream is almost impossible without a move skill, and until you have several move CD reduction skills, he will use it more often than your move skill is up. If you fight at long range, the battle can be frustratingly slow, as his bullseye explosion fills nearly the entire screen centered on him, necessitating maximum range – Which may not even be possible with lower realm techniques which have lower ranges. Like the golem, I generally just waited until the second realm of the tier before attempting these fights – it just wasn’t worth the time and effort to raise my artifact crafting skills as you generally need materials you can’t easily farm until the end of the tier to make good artifacts anyway.

Qi Deviated Alchemist

Essentially a high HP random cultivator. They will have a basic, movement, and special skill, which is randomized when the fight starts. The same strategies for cultivators apply to them.

Mushroom Man

A support boss, basically an overgrown Elite monster. He puts down mushrooms which buff (or maybe debuff? It’s hard to tell sometimes) other mobs. His only direct attack is a rapid fire stream of mushrooms. Save your movement skill to dodge this unless your agility is good enough to straight outrun it. Even on lower difficulties, it can be quite damaging to take the brunt of. Chaos comments: Nothing different here – In terms of technical execution the Mushroom Man is laughably easy – Either you have the agility to outrun his mushroom stream, or you don’t, in which case you have you use your movement technique. The main issues are the large amount of HP of bosses on Chaos affords you a lot of time to make a mistake, and that stream HURTS. But in generally, I’d rank the Mushroom Man as possibly the easiest boss in the game.

Bosses (Elemental Lands)

Goliath Crab
Only encountered in the low realms, the Goliath crab is the water elemental land boss. He has 3 moves – A charge and slash, which he will chain repeatedly, a poison aoe field, and a self heal/buff. Nothing complicated here, just try and avoid the charges via movement skill (unlikely that you’ll have enough agility to fully dodge him in the first realm), stay out of the poison, and keep damage on. Chaos comments: Nothing new here, just the usual less room for error.

Mountain Specter
Earth elemental lands boss, and a world boss version later at Origin. Two attacks – a simple earth cone projectile which you can dodge between, and what I’ll call a rampage mode – Tornados appear all over the field and the specter charges around after you. Dodging this perfectly is tricky, as you must juke his charge while also avoiding the tornados. If you have to, dodge through the tornados to avoid his charge – They hurt less than he does. The main advice I have for dodging during the Tornado+Charge phase is that while the Spectar is fast and seems to be constantly coming after you, he has to move a fixed distance before he can change direction. If you have sufficient Agility, you can sidestep his charge and move behind him. Frequent changes of direction will help you build distance as he’ll charge off in the direction you were in when he started moving, and won’t be able to change more than once a second. CC abilities like Mengyi’s charm are also very helpful in mitigating this phase. Chaos comments: The lower realm version in the elemental lands is reasonably dangerous, but if you’re having trouble with him, he isn’t mandatory for a perfect breakthrough. The world boss version on the other hand, is rough. Since you need to kill him for a perfect Nascent breakthrough, you can’t just come back later (or, rather, you can, but you need to kill him pre-breakthrough at least once). Even if you’re not a wind cultivator, I’d strongly suggest raising your wind root just to reduce the damage you’ll inevitably take from the tornados when you have to run through them to dodge his charge.

Six Tails
The Nine Tails lower realm sibling. The Six Tails generally appears in the fire elemental lands. There are only 2 attacks – A set of 3 orbs which will move in an hourglass criss crossing pattern – You can dodge near the convergence or with enough agility sidestep the attack entirely; and a fire stream – easily dodged with enough agility or save your movement skill for this. The Six Tails is a largely immobile boss, so small persistent damage fields with good DPS are ideal on them. Chaos comments: Probably the easiest elemental lands boss in Chaos.

Giant pig man and wind elemental lands boss, as well as the first world boss. His 3 attacks are a 3 way split smash which he will usually cast in rapid succession; a set of wind tornados with long range; and a rapid charge which briefly stuns. The 3 way smash is easy to dodge by only moving a little each time – he will adjust to recenter it on you between casts, and you only need to be between the lines. The tornados are usually used when you’re at long range, and it’s pretty easy to dodge between them via the same principle. The real danger of the Danking is the charge. Juke dodging is basically mandatory and it is recommended you fight him at long range to give you more time to react. Chaos comments: Saving your movement, particularly an invincibility frame movement for his charges is recommended. His charge can easily 2 shot you and the stun means it’s very hard to get out of the way of the follow up if you get hit.

Lightning realm boss. Frankly one of the easiest bosses, even in the world boss version at Golden Core. He does have 4 attacks: A 3 way lightning spit. A surprisingly easy to dodge charge which is usually chained, a somewhat slow cast PBAoE, and a also usually chain cast chasing lightning. Save your movement technique for this last – It will not reverse directions so once you’re past it, you’re safe. Chaos comments: The only real danger from the Coeurl is the chasing lightning. If your movement technique is down, you are likely dead. Do not use it for any other move. If you screw up and it is down when he begans casting chasing lightning, your best hope is to try and get behind the lightning.

Wind element boss. A expanding circle of rotating tornadoes which you can either outrange or try and move between; waves of tornados; and somewhat oddly, rocks falling from the sky. These rocks stun you. On higher difficulties that can lead to death, but they are fairly easy to evade as his attack pattern is not particularly high pressure.

Bosses (Midgame)

The man tiger is a largely stationary boss. You’ll generally start encountering him in the second region, and he’ll be a regular feature in Subduing Monsters missions in the third. Most of his attacks are simple to dodge – A single line ranged attack; a set of spinning axes he’ll throw out and leave; and then his actual dangerous mechanic – a set of different colored small lights that will chase you down relentlessly. I have not determined exactly how he decides which light he uses, though I think it has something to do with the ring of faces/expressions behind him. Green and Red are similar, both doing damage over time to you. The white one immobilizes both you and the boss (not that he cares) for several seconds. This usually gets followed by him throwing a spinning axe ontop of you, which is a fatal combination unless you’re punching down a realm.

Lightning element mythic beast, encountered regularly from the 2nd tier onwards and also the second world boss. The bosses primary attack is a series of ball lightning attacks which will stun you if hit, a large cloud on the ground around him that deals damage if you are inside it (it takes up most of the screen), and a unavoidable dot which deals minor damage, but can add up over long fights especially if you have no regeneration techniques or lifesteal. Chaos comments: Long range is strongly recommended – Dodging the ball lightning at close range is much harder, the PBAoE attack is up probably about a 3rd of the fight and can’t be ignored on Chaos like it can on lower difficulties. If you get hit by the first ball in a sequence, the rest will probably kill you as they hit fairly hard.

Nine Tails
The Nine Tails only has 3 attacks – A series of blue orbs, a charm projectile arc attack, and a mass of foxes that will run from left to right. Generally you can dodge the blue orbs just be staying moving. The charm arc can be blocked by terrain, or if you’re far enough away, you can slip in between the projectiles (Though this can be tricky if she’s firing several arcs back to back, or if she has several orbs following a wave – Better to eat the orbs than the charm, as it stuns you for 2 seconds). I usually save my Wind motion technique to get through the fox wave – I don’t think it’s possible to dodge through it without a motion technique of some kind (most any of them other than Sword and Water should be workable). You will probably have to fight this boss a lot – The Nascent Soul breakthrough involves farming maps, which give you a Nine Tails location, who drops a random treasure (with no duplication protection) until you get the ones you need. Chaos comments: Funny enough, this was one of the easiest bosses to fight in Chaos. Her patterns are simple, and as long as you don’t eat a charm, very easy to dodge. Most of the caves you fight them in for the map farming have at least one or two pillars which can block her charm projectiles – If you have to stand behind the pillar and eat a blue orb to avoid a charm, do it.

Panlong Priest
Lightning technique pre-boss for Panlong mountain. Uses a spreading circle lightning, a triple lightning cone, and leaves orbs of lightning on the ground. These last HURT, do not walk on them.

Rocky Valley Priest
The preboss for Xuangui, this priest is an earth element user. He’s honestly pretty easy. His 3 attacks are a short range rock toss, easily dodged, an earth golem summon which I never dodged without a movement technique, and a side to side rolling set of boulders which aren’t that fast and you can probably just move out of the way of. He is fairly durable – It took me longer to kill him than the Leonid world boss despite the Leonid having about 500k HP on him (in Chaos).

Secluded Valley Priest
The preboss for Gouchen. Very easy for Sword and other long range attackers. He throws a slow moving three-wheel of fire; a cascade of raining meteors that leave a burn on the ground that is frankly the most dangerous part of the encounter, a circle of fire foxes that also leave a burn on the ground at their destination, and a fire pinwheel. Fighting up close is dangerous, but at long range, all his attacks are slow moving and easily dodged.

Moonfall Mountain Priest
Surprisingly one of the more dangerous priest bosses. He has a wind cone which hits rapidly, which can hurt you badly if your agility somehow still poor this late in the game (on Chaos, anyway). He also drops 2 rings of rapidly spinning tornados which again, hit rapidly if you don’t immediately move out. He also lays down small whirlwind effects which are easily dodged and has a large point blank tornado.

Exorcism Peak Priest
The water priest is fairly simple, though he does have one move that can be surprising. The priest uses slow moving bubble arcs which are easily evaded, water tornados which are easy to dodge at range, and spawns several clones of himself who will use a continual hitscan water beam. Individually these beams do not hurt much – maybe 220 damage a tick to me on Chaos. However, there are about 8 clones + the priest and if you are in range they will hit – no outrunning this attack. This can be 1800 damage a second and if you’re already in the middle of their formation, you might easily get caught in his water tornados as well. That said, this priest wasn’t that hard as a Sword cultivator. Stay at range so no more than 2 or 3 clones could hit you at a time and giving you plenty of time to get out of the way of his tornados and bubbles. The clones will despawn on their own eventually so you don’t need to clear them out, just the ones in the way of you attacking the priest.

Some kind of ice fish lady. You’ll fight at least 3 of her during your Nascent Soul breakthrough in order to obtain the treasures for Xuangui. Her moves are a mass of ice tornados, a chasing spike of ice which will freeze you, almost certainly killing you on Chaos, and a rain of ice which will also freeze you, but unless you get caught right at the end and she follows it with her chasing ice spike, you’ll probably be fine.

Bosses (Heavenly Guardians)

Xuangui – The Black Tortoise
The easiest of the 5 Heavenly Guardians. There is a spot of relative safety by his back right leg, shown in this screenshot:

He can still hit you with his tail smash and the rain of rocks, but I found it personally a lot easier to deal with just timing those versus my Wind movement than dodging all the stuff he throws out front. The rain of rocks can wipe you out pretty easily – Most of the damage I took in this fight was from one time I came out of Wind right as a rock dropped and got stunned into taking several more rock hits.

Luwu – The White Tiger

Luwu was the first fight in a while that forced me to actually think more strategically than just “be wind, ignore mechanics”. His charge phase he is untargetable, meaning if your defensive measures rely on you hitting the enemy (say to stack up bleeds and pop them, or shields from fist or lifesteal from blades) this phase is extremely dangerous. I was not able to consistently dodge his charges without Wind movement. His line aoe attack is his least dangerous move, and can be side strafed safely. His chained charges however can be ruinous – I had one crit me for 29k. He also has a point black aoe, where he will leap on an area, then pop an aoe around himself. Mengyi and a Nascent Soul grade Cerulean Bell were actually very key for me here. The bell forces him to attack it, and properly upgraded it can endure several hits. Further, if the tiger is on the outside of the bells field, he can’t actually hit it with his charge. Mengyi’s charm effects add further CC utility.

Gouchen – The Red Dragon
Gouchen takes second place in the surprisingly easy bosses category. If you keep moving, almost nothing he does will connect. He will create fields on the ground that will seal you inside (this can be fatal if you happen to be next to him when that happens), slam the ground around himself, create a chasing line of fire(?), and periodically create large circle AoE that look like chains. As long as you don’t get caught by the sealing formations, just keep circling around him pelting him with attacks and this will be fine.

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