Tale of Immortal: Techniques Guide

Here is a guide to help you understand the Techniques in Tale of Immortal (鬼谷八荒).


Tale of Immortal Techniques Guide

Beyond the build specific, there are a few technique modifiers I’ve found generally useful. Their criticality is dependent on your build and your difficulty settings, but they do make me more inclined to take the technique. If a modifier can appear on multiple techniques, I’ll try and mention it assuming it’s useful to each technique.
Mind Skills
Move – ATK – Few special ones here. There are a decent chunk of useless affixes for this stat for most builds. Try and aim for raw stats or build specific
Technique – DEF – Like the ATK stat, many of the affixes are useless for many builds. A common affix is one where a particular element generates a field effect, such as a Whirlwind or a Fiery Flame, and standing in it gives you some bonus. Even if the effect is a type you generate, this is generally useless as taking less damage when you get hit is not as good as moving out of the way of the hit.
Secret – Spiritual RES – For sword arts, the most useful ones I’ve seen have been ones that trigger off stacks of Bleed or Sword Slash, once you have a high enough cap on the amount you can inflict.
Divine Power – Martial RES – Unlike it’s spiritual cousin, Martial resistance can have some VERY handy affixes. Abilities that have scaling increase (For every X your Y will increase by Z) can be useful far past their advancement realm.
Mastery – CRIT – For the Slicing Wind and Seven Thunders build, Crit is key not to your damage, but your survivability. You’re looking for Duration of Motion Skills primarily, and any other “If Legendary or Mythic x Skill is equipped” bonuses.
Sutra – HP – As you might expect, the most useful affixes here are survivability ones. As is the case with the Energy skill up next, there are affixes which will restore vitality when low. Unlike the Energy one, this will not single handedly keep you vitality up almost by itself. It will however, be extremely helpful in not getting worn down, either on extended farming runs through the border zones or just in a prolonged fight. It won’t save you if you eat a full combo from a boss, but it will help you not die to impossible to dodge mechanics like Hatuibwari’s lightning DoT. For builds relying on Wind movement, the “regenerate x health during Movement skill” are probably better than the “below 25%” regen as they kick in earlier, and by Nascent Soul you should be nearly continually in that form.
Guide – Energy – The most useful affix by far is the regenerate energy when under 20%. The second most useful would probably be the “if there is an elite monster on the field, regenerate energy” as between the two, you practically can’t run out of energy during farming runs period, and the first alone should keep you operational in boss fights.

Sword Techniques

Breeze Sword – The most useful ones are reduced CD and piercing (especially at lower realms where Sword’s lack of good AOE is the most painful).
Shadowless Sword – Sword Auras released by Shadowless Sword is basically just a straight + damage (or more targets). For every Stack of Bleed Detonated, reduce CD of Movements is the key to the entire Slicing Wind build. The Agility increase after cast is useful until you reach the near-permanent Wind state, you can time your Special with enemy attacks to get that extra burst of speed to get clear.
Divinity Sword – I’m rarely overwhelmed with choices on Ultimate skills, but I try and look for either direct damage increases on this skill, Agility reduction on targets (to reduce their ability to move out of it – Less necessary later when you can just trap them in your Tornado), or CD reductions of other skills for extra DPS for a short time. Unlike Skyfall Sword, the duration of this skill is fixed, so you can’t try and use it for a massive buff and incidental damage.

Tornado – The Wind Motion skill that basically is the only Wind technique people care about. You are looking for CD reduction, at least 2 +Agility bonuses, and Duration bonuses. +damage is nice when the technique is at your current realm, but falls off noticeably when facing opponents of later realms.

By Jancarius

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