Tale of Immortal: Events and Outcomes

Here is a guide about the events and outcomes in Tale of Immortal (鬼谷八荒).


Tale of Immortal Events and Outcomes

Tier appropriate means that you will get an item based on which region you’re in. The Border regions seem to count as the next region, IE you will get G2 fruits in Everfrost.

Monkey and the Fruit Tree

Help the Monkey – Fight a single elite flower-lady. Gain spirit stones and artifact material
Protect the Tree – Fight a single elite lightning monkey. The tree will give you a spiritual fruit
Leave – Event ends
Black Cow and the Dates
Spirit Stones – Cow gives you a disgusted look, you still get the stones
Dates – Spiritual Fruit
A lone Spirit Fruit
Harvest the fruit – Fight a single elite lightning monkey. Gain a tier appropriate spirit fruit.
Leave – You leave.
Weird Fish
Capture the fish – Outcome 1: You catch and cook the fish. Restore Mood Outcome 2: Fish bites you – lose vitality
Leave – You leave
Column of Ominous Light
Investigate – Fight a Sword Cultivator. Don’t underestimate his damage, he can hit very hard. Drops Broken Heavenly Sword Stone, a 3 time destiny that buffs your ultimate.
Stay to Observe –
Ominous Omen – Leave
A present for Chickadee
You decide your name is Chickadee – +demonic points, spirit stones
Greed does not control you – +Righteous Points
Haphazard Array
Try to breakthrough – Usually another cultivator attacks you. Beat them and get some spirit stones and some elixirs
Leave – Leave
Weasel and the Fox
Help the Fox – Fox’s blessing (+luck, 6 months)
Help the Weasel – Spirit Stones

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