Tales of Arise: Level 100 XP Farming Guide

This guide shows the fastest way to farm XP and level up in Tales of Arise. You need to reach level 100 for the Peak Strength trophy / achievement.


XP Farming Guide to Level 100

This guide outlines the fastest way to level up in Tales of Arise and how to reach Level 100 after finishing the story. With this XP farming method you can get 2-5 level ups and up to 150,000 XP every 3-8 minutes (depending on your current level). You can reach Level 100 within 1-2 hours. You need to reach level 100 for the Peak Strength trophy and achievement.

It basically comes down to farming a Level 95 boss “Chronos” repeatedly, but in order to get to him a few steps are required. This is specifically an endgame leveling method. If you’re looking to level up quickly during the early game or story, your best bet is to just do all Sub-Quests you come across and farm big groups of weak enemies repeatedly, save the game, reload the save, and the enemies will respawn instantly.

Step 1:
Complete Sub-Quests “The Spirit Temple” > “Another Hillside Anomaly” > “Otherworldly Visitors”

In order to gain access to the boss we need to farm, you must complete a questline first.

The Spirit Temple

It starts with quest “The Spirit Temple” in Realm 3: Menancia > Traslida Highway.
This is only available much later in the story, after having beaten the 5th Lord (finished Ganath Haros realm, near end of story). Then you must backtrack to this quest location. Talk to the man in front of the white merchant cart to get this quest. He’ll send you to the neighboring region Tietal Plains and then you can enter the glowing portal there. This leads to a dungeon where you must run from one portal to the next. At the end you face the Grand Gnome boss, after defeating it return to the quest giver.
This quest also unlocks the Artifact “Golden Suit of Armor” which gives you a permanent 80% EXP Boost. Make sure this boost is enabled in the Artifacts settings (Menu > Field Guide > Artifacts >Artifact Effects).

Another Hillside Anomaly
Otherworldly Visitors
This quest is automatically started upon completing “Another Hillside Anomaly”. This quest requires you to step through the rift portals and beat all 6 dungeons. Each one has a boss at the end that gives the key to the next one. This is the longest quest in the game with a level 95 boss at the end. Also open the red chests throughout the dungeons for the best gear in the game. At the end of this questline, on the last level of the dungeon, you’ll meet Chronus, the Level 95 boss we want to farm.

Step 2: Farming Chronos Boss Repeatedly

Now comes the actual XP Farming. By this point you might already be Level 70 or so just from having done the story and the dungeon. The trick is to talk to Chronos again after defeating him and you can fight him as often as you like!

He’s in the “Vesper Rift” of the Earth Spirit Temple, the last area of the dungeon.

Depending on your level and equipment it may take around 8 minutes at lower levels and can be as quick as 3 minutes at higher levels. At lower levels you get more XP, which can be up to 150,000+ XP per fight and gives you a few level ups at once. Later at Level 95+ you may only get 30,000 XP and only get 1 level up per fight but it’s still very quick. You should be able to reach Level 100 within 1-2 hours using this method.

If this boss is too difficult for you to farm, make sure you switch to the easiest difficulty in the settings.

Additional Tips

  • Bring a lot of Pineapple Gels (restores 60% of CP) & Life Bottles (revive yourself), which you can buy from merchants. This way you don’t need to fast travel back to a campfire to restore CP after each fight. Makes this go twice as fast!
  • Put Shionne and Dohalim on your active team (not passive team). Both of them are able to revive you if you go down (can also use Life Bottle item to self-revive). This boss frequently uses long combos that will instantly kill you no matter what level you are, so having 2 healers on the team is crucial.
  • Cook the “Sushi” Recipe with Dohalim which gives you a Large XP Boost! Alternatively, the Recipe “Wiener” with Law which greatly increases attack power and makes the fight go quicker. See Tales of Arise – All Recipe Locations.
  • Make sure the “Super EXP Boost” is enabled in the Artifacts section (Menu > Field Guide > Artifacts > Artifact Effects). It gives you +80% XP Boost, you got this automatically from finishing the “Spirit Temple” quest, which was the first in this questline.
  • After reaching level 100 you will earn the Peak Strength trophy or achievement.

Adjust the difficulty

Setting a higher difficulty is another way to boost combat points, and in turn increase your EXP and SP rewards from battle. This can be done at any time, and you are not locked into a difficulty for the long term. If it ends up too hard, just switch it back down. Once you are finding battles easy in your current location, it may be a good time to try upping the difficulty to gain some extra rewards.The actual multipliers for each difficulty are as follows:Easy – 0.5x Combat Points
Normal – 1.0x Combat Points
Moderate – 1.25x Combat Points
Hard – 1.5x Combat Points

Cook meals to increase EXP link to my other guide

Where is the best place to grind EXP and level up fast?

There isn’t one specific place to aim for, since the punishing EXP scaling generally renders an area pretty useless once you’ve got through it and reached the rough level needed to beat its boss.

Generally, the best place to grind is always the latest location you have reached. Otherwise, Adan Lake in Mahag Saar is a decent spot due to the large Creepzilla zeugles who lurk around there. This location is available relatively early in the game (at least, there’s still a long way to go) but even this is not going to be worth grinding for long. Later in the game, I found Fogwharl Limestone Caverns a good place to grind, which is accessed via Shinefall Woods during the ‘Untamable Rage’ quest from an old man in Thistlym.

Other locations
it’s still going to mostly be a case of tackling the latest area, and the only other exception to this rule comes once the final boss is beaten and you reach the post-game. Provided you have completed the necessary quests beforehand, you will unlock ‘Another Hill-Side Anomaly’ which will take you to the Spirit Temple in Menancia to tackle another quest called ‘Otherworldly Visitors’. (As Said above)

Taking on this quest will allow you to battle the toughest enemies and bosses, which provide the biggest EXP rewards. There are six locations with several tough bosses, finishing with a boss at level 95! Once you have beaten the main game, this is the only place you’ll need to grind. If you’ve beaten the final boss already you will likely be able to hold your own as you progress through the dungeons, and will naturally gain many levels before each boss.

Artifacts to boost EXP

There are two artifacts that can increase EXP earned during battle. These will not be available until the latter half of the game, and the second one is probably going to unachievable until quite late on. The artifacts are Silver Suit of Armor and Golden Suit of Armor.

How to obtain the Silver Suit of Armor

The Silver Suit of Armor artifact automatically boosts EXP by 20%, and this is obtained by clearing the quest ‘Their Future’. The earliest you can complete this quest is once you have unlocked the area of Rena.

This is a pretty easy quest, available from a Renan Soldier in Pelegion, Ganath Haros. You have to complete the ‘Missing Lover’ quest first, which is another easy one available beforehand. It simply consists of speaking to a lady in Thistlym before following a few markers via fast travel. Speak to another man in Pelegion before speaking to the Renan Solider on Talka Pond Road. Return to Thistlym to find the lovers reunited again and complete the quest. You have to heal the Renan Solder on Talk Pond Road first, but you’ve probably done this already as it’s hard to miss.

Once you reach Rena, the follow-up ‘Their Future’ will be available. All you have to do is return to Pelegion and speak to the soldier on the third level before heading into Saxleoh Temple.

These quests are both simple, so just remember to ensure the artifact is active in the menu to give the handy 20% EXP increase.

How to obtain the Golden Suit of Armor

The Golden Suit of Armor artifact is far more difficult, and comes from the ‘Spirit Temple’ quest, which is available just after the mid-point of the game but packs a serious challenge and will likely not be beatable at this point.

After clearing the fifth realm and regaining access to fast travel (which takes a while), you can head back to Trasilda Highway and speak to a man outside a wagon who will direct you to the nearby Taitel Plains. Here, you can enter the spirit temple and make your way through a tough gauntlet of encounters.

The battles take place in a maze where you won’t be able to access the menu against enemies at around level 60. You realistically need to be into the 50s yourself if you want to clear this, which will not be likely until the very end of the game. This is all followed by a difficult boss, though you’ll at least be able to heal up and save before you take it on. After defeating it, return to the man on Trasilda Highway to earn your rewards including the Golden Suit of Armor.

The good news is that these effects will stack together, doubling your overall EXP gains when you have obtained both artifacts.

Chain battles together?

The Chain Battle Bonus is unlocked early in the game, rewarding your party with additional CP if you manage to fight your next battle quickly after finishing the last one.

To clarify, the CP mentioned here is combat points rather than cure points – strangely these are denoted by the same initials. Combat Points are essentially Grade from previous games, boosted by a better battle performance. However, these are not saved up to be spent for a New Game+ but applied instantly towards your battle rewards.

A greater battle chain means higher combat points for EXP and SP bonuses as well as rarer enemy encounters. Simply put, you should always be trying to chain together battles as quickly as possible.

You should be clever about this, and check the map regularly. If you know you are going down a dead end towards a chest, sometimes it’s worth running past a monster along the path to fight the monsters at the end first. The alternative may be a large amount of ground to cover without any battles, running down your bonus gauge completely.

This is something you get used to doing as the game continues, and especially important once you reach the maximum blue chain – when this runs out, you’re back to zero.

Factors that Increase or Decrease Score

Score Growing Factors
Defeating unique enemies
Defeating Gigant Zeugles
Use Boost Strike
Use Boost Attack
Down enemies with Boost Attack
Increase combo hits
Fight larger groups of enemies
Win quickly
Hit weak points

Score Reducing Factors
Losing battles
Being incapacitated
Using items
Fight takes longer

Use a Happy Bottle
Using a Happy Bottle will give you a 2.5x gauge bonus to your Battle Chain bonus multiplier.

Battle Chain Bonuses Tips

The maximum level of bonus is five. This gauge is displayed below your minimap. When the gauge turns blue, that means that your Battle Chain bonus is maxed. Try to keep this gauge up as much as possible
Bonus Decreases Over Time
Your Battle Chain bonus will decrease over time. When the gauge disappears, that means your bonus is gone. Keep fighting if you want to keep your gauge up.Note that entering the menu will not decrease your gauge, and the gauge will also carry over when you go to the next area. This is so monsters can respawn when you re-enter.Ending a battle by fleeing is not recommended as it will decrease your gauge bonus. Try not to run away if you want keep your bonus up.

Camping is Not Recommended

Staying in an inn or camping for the night will also erase your gauge bonus. It is not recommended to do so if you are farming for Battle Chain bonuses.
Stocking up items is generally better even if it decreases your score.What Are Battle Chain Bonuses
Bonuses that Increase Reward After Battle
Battle Chain Bonuses increase your experience, item drop rate, and battle scores that you get after every battle.
The higher the bonus, the higher it is that rare Zeugles will spawn. These Zeugles give more EXP and SP, but are tougher as a result.
High Scores Increase SP Acquisition
Naturally, the higher score you acquire, the more SP you get at the end of every battle. Try to aim for higher Battle Chain bonuses to acquire more Skills from the Skill Panel!

Your current Battle Chain Bonus multiplier is displayed below your minimap. This will increase or decrease depending on how you handle battles.

Where to Farm EXP in Tales of Arise

Early-Game Farming – Traslida Highway (Level 15 – Level 30)
Even on the most challenging difficulty settings, players shouldn’t need to farm too much during the early stages of Tales of Arise. In fact, doing so is arguably a little counter-productive, as it’s not until players reach the Traslida Highway area in Menancia that they unlock the ability to chain enemies together. As mentioned above, this can have a huge bearing on the amount of EXP and SP earned in battle.As it happens though, Traslida Highway is actually a great place for players to farm. Due to its large size and the number of enemy groups that can be found there, both chaining and grouping enemies is incredibly easy when compared to smaller or less open areas. Unfortunately, however, the enemies aren’t all that strong, so farming there starts to become a lot less viable once the party’s levels start to reach the early to mid-thirties.Mid-Game Farming – Adan Lake (Level 30 – Level 40)
Unless players are actively avoiding enemies, there shouldn’t be too much need for farming during the game’s middle stages either. A lot of the sub-quests become active around this time and there are plenty of dungeons to complete too, meaning the party should level up naturally without any need for grinding. That said, Adan Lake is a good place to do so if players are in need of a few extra levels.

There’s a decent range of enemies in the area, some of which offer great returns when it comes to both EXP and SP. Berg Volcano (Level 40 – Level 50) is also a pretty decent spot for those who have reached it, as too is Rena (Level 50 – Level 60). As the latter is very close to the end of the game, however, players may be better off waiting until they have unlocked the post-game area, The Otherworld, if possible, as farming there is far more efficient.

End-Game Farming – The Otherworld (Level 60 – Level 100)
After players have completed Tales of Arise and all of the available quests, they’ll be able to take on the “Another Hill-Side Anomaly” sub-quest in Viscint, which, in turn, will unlock “Otherworldly Visitors.” The latter sees players travel to The Otherworld, where they’ll come face to face with some of the game’s toughest bosses.

The good news is that four of these bosses can be farmed repeatedly and offer a great way to earn EXP. The final one, Chronos, is naturally the best for this, but Edna and Eizen also offer decent returns and are quite a bit easier to defeat. With the right food bonuses, players should be able to jump from level 70 all the way up to level 100 with around one hour of grinding in The Otherworld.


Tales of Arise – Level 100 XP Farming Guide

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