Teardown: All Soda Barrels Guide

This is a guide showing all the locations of the BlueTide Barrels.



This is a reference to use when I give directions using North East South West
The Van in the image is The getaway Vehicle

Barrel 1

The First Barrel is Located in the Grand Hotel.
Go Inside and then go up the stairs until your reach the 3rd floor.
On the 3rd Floor go into the room Labeled (XL)

Barrel 2

The 2nd Barrel Is located in the Fancy Club
The Fancy Club is located just a little northeast of the getaway van.

Barrel 3

The 3rd barrel is located in a shed directly south of the getaway vehicle.
The shed is located in the middle of these to buildings

Barrel 4 & 5

The 4th barrel is located in the Gas Station Far North of the getaway vehicle
This one can be tricky because the tornado will likely cause an explosion.
The best way to get this one in my opinion is to attach it to a Car using wooden planks.

Barrel number 5 is located in the Storage Units just across the street from the gas station.
It is located in the 2nd storage unit.
The reason I put these 2 together is because it is easier to get them at the same time by attaching them both to the same car.

Barrel 6

This is the hardest barrel, it is located in the Cargo Truck across the bridge north of the gas station
The tornado will just rip the barrel out of the back. I recommend lowering the bridge from the side the gas station is on. Save before going across the bridge.
The back of the truck is fragile so it will likely take a few attempts.

General Tips

1. The tornado spawns wherever you are facing. You can use this to your advantage by walking backwards towards your getaway car.
2. If a barrel falls into the river you can still retrieve it.

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