The Bloodline: Beginner Guide for Woodcutting/Farming

Dive into the immersive world of “The Bloodline” with this comprehensive guide crafted especially for budding woodcutters and farmers! Whether you’re trying to understand the lay of the land or searching for that elusive tree species, this guide offers insight and strategy that will make your woodcutting and farming journey both efficient and enjoyable.


Where to Start: Elderglen Woods – The Blessing Tree

From the Overworld make your way to Elderglen Woods. We will be farming at the Blessing Tree in Elderglen Woods until level 7 woodcutting. It does not matter where you have your character in the Overworld, when you enter the camp it will always be the same location. This location is the best place I have found so far for farming Pine and Birch logs.

The Route to The Blessing Tree

From the campsite you will head East along the base of the Steps of Esros. You can either fight all the goblins or ignore them!

Quick Tip!
I like to stop at the entrance of the Steps of Eros to mine to make most of my farming route!
Defeat the mobs at the base of the entrance and then jump onto the cliff about halfway up the stairs.
Take a look at all that ore to mine! Once done with this cliff, run up the tree for more mining!
There is also lots of ores to mine on the other side of the stairs too!

Done with that detour and now on to The Blessing Tree! Keep heading East towards the giant tree aka The Blessing Tree.
Now we begin the farming. Pine is the basic tree that you begin farming with. Once you are level 3 woodcutting, then you can also farm Birch.

There is also lots of other plants you can farm here as well. Once you are done, return to the Overworld and re-enter the camp to respawn the resources to do it all over again!

Lumber Conopilus

To speed up your woodcutting exp, if you have any Lumber Conopilus to eat, eat it once you are at The Blessing Tree! It boosts your exp gained for a short while. This plant can be found randomly out in the world! I never have enough of these! I think these are bugged because I only get a buff for about 2 minutes, not 3 like described.

Woodcutting Level 7: Ash Tree Farming

Congrats on making it to level 7 Woodcutting and now you can farm Ash Trees.
Now there isn’t a place like The Blessing Tree to farm Ash Tree. However one of the Devs said that the Khenmoore Flatlands has the highest spawn rate for them.
This is completely random. You may get two trees to farm or 7-10. Just return to the Overworld once you have farmed all the ones you could find and return to Camp to reset!

Best of Luck and I hope this Guide helps!

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