The Bloodline: Hidden Skill Books, Weapons, Mods and Other Hidden Goodies and Their Locations

This is a list of all known skill books, weapons, mods, and other hidden goodies and their locations in the world. If you have any questions or would like to add something, please feel free to reach out to me on the official “The Bloodline” discord!


Skill Books, Weapons and Mods and etc.

Below is a list of all known skills books, weapons, mods and other hidden goodies in the world and their locations thus far. As early access progresses and things change, we will update and change this guide as needed. Shout out to captinkrusteaz on discord for most, if not all of the following informtion!

Animate Bat – Molten Crag – Old Cragview
Animate Steed -Glennheim Hills – East of Old Glennheim Graveyard
Blood Rain – Molten Crag – Blood Pits
Cloud Catch – Elderglen Woods – Jumping off the very top of the Steps of Esros
Flamewinds – Molten Crag – Sulanut’s Study
Flare Arrow – Molten Crag – Siege Camp
Hip Lantern – Glennheim Hills – Glennheim Outer Ward
Horn of Brittlebean – Brittlebean Hold – Church
Lorgins’ Anvil – Molondir Mines – Main City
Madstronomer’s Planetarium – Moonhorn Cliffs – Astral Aerie Observatory
Manacrystal Attachment – Parford Lake – Carifax’s Tower
Poisonous Bolt – Elderglen Woods – Rotwood Fortress
Sphynx Cat Form – Parford Lake – Carifax’s Tower
Steamjet – Whitebrook Haven – Ice Fishing Cabin
Strum of Repulsion – Elderglen Woods – Statue Gravesite (West of Blessing Tree)
Summon Skeleton – Parford Lake – Parford Monestary
Summon Tree (Neteus Stone Activation) – Eldenglen Woods – South of Steps of Esros
Teleportation Arrow – Velosia – Tower of Velosia
Throw Snowball -Whitebrook Haven – Lone Dilapadated Cabin
Tombstone – Wolfdover Timberland – Graveyard Crypt
Tree of Respite – Khenmoore Flatlands – Ancient Druid’s Site Cave
Whispers of the Druids – Parford Lake – SW of Carifax’s Tower

Neteus Stone | Summon Tree – Elderglen Woods – Blessing Tree Ruins
Neteus Stone | (Weapon) Rose Daggers – Parford Lake – SW of Carifax’s Tower

(Grapple Mod) Hidden Pistol – Elderglen Woods – Steps of Esros Cave

(Weapon) Fishbones – Elderglen Woods – Underwater Cave
(Weapon) Volsumite Crystal Spear – Three Sisters – Tower
(Weapon) Blade of Vincente – Three Sisters – Keybug
(Weapon) The Marching Sword – Dragon Skeleton

Skill Point – Squalls End – Temple
Skill Point – Molondir Mines – Purify Temple North of Encampment
Skill Point – Elderglen Woods – Blessing Tree “puzzle”
Quest – Old Man Cormic – Ordwood – “The Keeper of Cows” -> Khenmoore (Cough, aches and pains, bad headache, severely sore throat)

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