The Dungeon Beneath: All Merchant Items & Artifacts

Here is a full list of all merchant items in The Dungeon Beneath game. enjoy it.


The Dungeon Beneath All Merchant Items

Mage Only Items:
Sun Stone: Round End: Gain +1 Power. Cost: 7g
Great for power teams.

Mirrored Pendant: The equipped character can’t be Paralyzed. Cost: 3g
Only get if you have spare gold.

Clypaes’s Blessing: Battle Start: Gain Shield. Cost: 5g
Battle start items aren’t very good compared to end of turn items because they only happen once, and shields aren’t very strong because they can get hit by random weak attacks.

Essence Vial: Death: Summon a Blood Wisp. Cost: 3g
Just not a fan of death only items for the same reason I’m not a huge fan of Battle Start. One time uses but you have to die to get the effect so it might be worse.

Soul Lens: When an ally dies, deal 1 damage to the nearest enemy. Cost: 4g
If you are playing with repeatable summons it’s not too bad for the cost, if not skip.

Doomed Amulet: +2 Attack Follow Up: Take 1 damage. Cost: 8g
Great item for Hope and Armor teams.

Searing Sign: +3 Attack, -3 Health. Cost: 14g
I value +Attack very highly, and the -3 Health is worth it. Another note is you can’t kill yourself with – heath items.

Adept’s Staff: +1 Attack. Cost: 7g
+1 Attack for 7g is good.

Holy Scepter: Follow Up: Restore 1 health to a damaged non-heroic ally. Cost: 12g
Amazing in the Hope builds, fine in all builds.

Fighter Only Items:
Wooden Buckler: +2 Health. Cost. 5g
For all the Health items, I tend to see them as tank only items, or a fine buy if I just have some gold laying around.

Reinforced Buckler: +3 Health. Cost: 8g

The Skirmisher’s Shield: +2 Health, +2 Speed. Cost: 7g

Kite Shield: +4 Health, -3 Speed. Cost: 10g
– Speed isn’t always a bad thing, sometimes you want healing follow up effects to go last.

Dragon Scale: +7 Health. Cost: 15g
This is one of the few Health items that I really want, Item slots are precious and this does a lot.

Venin Shield: Battle Start: Become poisoned. +3 Health. Cost: 6g
Self damage effects are pretty useful in Hope builds.

Titan’s Wall: +5 Health, -1 Attack. Cost: 8g
-1 Attack is pretty much a no go for me unless its champion doesn’t have attack anyway.

Immortal Helm: Counter: Gain +1 Armor. Cost: 9g
While not a bad item the counter effect needs you to take damage which means it won’t trigger every hit. Still good if you keep that in mind.

Vampiric Helm: Doom: Restore 1 health. Cost: 10g
Doom builds and Reusable summons is where this shines.

Archer Only Items:
Short Bow: +1 Attack. Cost: 7g

The Shadow’s Bow: +1 Attack, +2 Speed. Cost: 8g
Interesting note that the cost of +2 speed is just 1g

Illiphar’s Arbalest: +2 Attack, -3 Speed. Cost 12g
Amazing item on repeatable attack characters.

Wanderer’s Cloak: +2 Health. Cost 5g

Cloak of Passage: +1 Health, +1 Speed. Cost 4g

Scavenger’s Cloak: When this character kills an enemy, summon a raven. Cost: 9g
Pretty fun with Hunter champion.

Lizardfolk Only Items
Lightning Fang: Round End: Gain +1 Power. Cost: 6g
It’s just a delayed +1 Attack item, there are zero Lizardfolk that has a power effect.

Poisonous Fang: Attacks against enemies apply poison. Cost: 6g
I wish there were more items like this, it’s so fun and helps niche builds out.

Elf Only Items:
Green Scale Wand: Round End: Give a random allied Beast 1 armor. Cost: 6g

Sanguine Wand: After the first round, summon a Blood Wisp. Cost: 4g

Necrotic Wand: Round End: Deal 1 damage to the lowest health enemy. Cost: 7g

Human Only Items:
Chain Mail: +2 Health, -1 Speed. Cost: 7g

Noble Plate: Death: Gain 1 gold. Cost: 5g
A lot of effort for minimal effect.

Martyr’s Plate: Death: Give +1 Attack to all allies. Cost: 10g
If you only have 4 units and you need one to die you are giving a +3 attack one time. These death effects just don’t seem to be worth it to me.

Gnome Only Items:
Venin Cap: Follow Up: Deal 1 damage to all poisoned enemies. Cost: 8g
Great for poison builds, but you need to be able to spread poison for this item to be really good.

Lucky Coin: It’s not clear what this is for. Cost: 1g
Still don’t know what this is for and it’s hard to test for.

Dwarf Only Items:
Immortal Belt: Counter: Restore 1 health. Cost: 14g
Better than the armor counter part.

Hero Only Items:
Aamon’s Blade: Counter: Gain +1 Attack.
Fine for Thoric but you need a champion that can take damage or Troll Blood artifact (Battle Start: Restore 2 health to your hero.)

Champion’s Sword: +1 Attack

Champion’s Plate: +4 Health

Dove’s Band: +2 Speed. Cost: 2g
I don’t buy speed items.

Falcon’s Band: +8 Speed. Cost: 5g

Lifeblood Ring: +1 Health, -1 Speed. Cost: 3g

Thoric’s Ring: Round End: Gain +1 Armor. Cost: 8g
Great for the armor team carries.

Titan’s Ring: Battle Start: Gain +4 Armor. Cost: 4g
Fine early game item, really good on Sword Dancer.

Void Fury Ring: 5g
When this character kills an enemy, deal 1 damage to a random enemy.
Really good items vs bones and eyeball bosses.

Antivenin Ring: The equipped character can’t be Poisoned. Cost: 4g

Necrotic Ring: +1 Attack, -2 Health. Cost: 8g
One of the only ways to get +1 Attack on any class/race.

The rest:
Potion Belt: Round End: Restore 1 health. Cost: 10g

Tanner’s Gloves: +1 Health. Cost: 5g
+1 Health for 5g is way to high; you are paying a premium for it to be used by anyone, but I think the price is too high.

Armored Gloves: Battle Start: Gain +1 Armor. +1 Health. Cost: 7g


The Dungeon Beneath Artifacts

At the start of every game you will get a Hero with a random artifact. You will also get 2 more random artifacts throughout the game.

Holy Distiller: After the first round, summon a Holy Wisp.
Holy Wisp is a 0 attack/1 hp that heals 1 at the end of the round. Decent for Hope builds and you have 3 front line to protect the wisp.

Essence Collector: When a non-summoned ally dies, summon a Blood Wisp.
Blood Wisp (1 attack/1hp) is fine for the summon builds but not where I would want to start.

Essence Distiller: After the first round, summon an enemy Lesser Void Wisp.
Taz’s starting artifact.

Troll Blood: Battle Start: Restore 2 health to your hero.
Not a starting artifact I want, but it does enable some 2 frontline and 2 backline build because for the most part an enemy isn’t going to do more than 2 damage.

Ethereal Essence: Whenever an ally loses shield, give them +3 Power.
Pretty bad, it’s just so rare to even have shields on your champions and it only gives them a one time effect.

Venina’s Hex: Battle Start: Poison a random enemy.
Great to start a poison team, but I’m afraid it will hit other things like barrels or rocks.

Clypaen Blessing: The first time an ally takes damage, give them Shield.
So this item is a little confusing, but this only works once per battle, not per champion.

Book of Law: Allied Humans and Dwarves gain +1 Health.
Good safe artifact for armor teams because they consist of Humans and Dwarves, this does work for Heroes.

Edric’s Journal: Allied Fighters gain +1 Attack and -1 Health.
Double the damage for more fighters (early level) and only losing a little health, top tier if you are playing fighters.

Book of Power: Round End: Give a random allied Human +1 Power.
Works with heroes. If you can get Mage of the Sun as your only human it will always trigger on the Mage.

Taurian Scripture: Allied Beasts and Lizardfolk gain +1 Health.

Erilari’s Stone: Allied summoned units gain +1 Attack.
Play summon team.

Counterfeit Coins: Characters at campfires cost 2 less gold.
Amazing item the enables you to pretty much find any team you want. Even better with Xandos III. This artifact lets you also get ahead of the curve because the first campfire you can build a whole team of champions instead of having followers.

Royal Insignia: Your first refresh at each campfire and store is free.
Not as good as Counterfeit Coins but not useless because it gives you a free reroll on stores.

Pure Venin: Enemies take +1 damage from poison.
Build poison.

The Merchant’s Secret: Items cost 1 less gold.
Not a great starting item but a great late game.

Everburning Torch: Battle Start: Summon an Everburning Flame.
Everburing Flame is a -att/3hp. Just some extra beef.

Lyra’s Quiver: Allied Archers gain +1 Attack.
Free attack on archers. I find it hard to really have more than 2, but still good for the early game.

The Smith’s Hammer: When an ally gains armor, they gain an extra +1 Armor.
Broken with Thoric and the armor team.

Hammer of the Old Earth: Allied Dwarves and Gnomes gain +2 Health.
It’s a lot of health and 2 health on a unit often means surviving another hit.

Thoric’s Hammer: Allies keep up to 1 armor at the end of each round.
It’s fine on average, but works well with Thoric.

Titanic Hammer: Battle Start: Give all allies 2 Armor.
This allows for different starting formations which is a nice change. Helps with some of the lower Hp front liners.

Cyril’s Staff: Summoned allied units can’t be exhausted.
Just allows you to move your summons around and not lose the ability to attack.

Staff of the Amguan: If an ally doesn’t attack, give them +1 Power.
Great for some of the lizard builds, but if your champions/summons have a – att it doesn’t give them a power.

The Arbiter’s Blade: Battle Start: Give your hero +3 Power.
Gives a nice first turn then does nothing.

Spirit Shackle: The first time an ally dies, summon an Avenging Spirit.
Avenging Spirit is 2att/1hp summon.

The Arbiter’s Cloak: Allied Elves and Elementals gain +3 Speed.
There are some elves you want to go fast because (Blade Master) because they need to kill to keep their buff.

Jack’s Fiddle: Whenever you visit a campfire, gain 2 gold.
It’s kind of like coins but still has a use after having your team complete. The problem is when your team is done you aren’t going to visit campfires besides the one’s that are forced to go to.

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