The Dungeon Beneath: Andromalius’ Grimoire

Collection of recipes for trading with Andromalius.


Mage Only Items
Sun Stone -> Doomed Amulet
Mirrored Pendant -> Doomed Amulet
Clypaes’ Blessing -> Doomed Amulet
Essence Vial -> Doomed Amulet
Soul Lens -> Doomed Amulet
Doomed Amulet -> Void Skull
Adept’s Staff -> Searing Sign
Searing Sign -> Andromalius’s Rod
Andromalius’s Rod -> Searing Sign
Holy Scepter -> Potion Belt

Fighter Only Items
Wooden Buckler -> Reinforced Buckler
Reinforced Buckler -> Kite Shield
Skirmisher’s Shield -> Kite Shield
Kite Shield -> Dragon Scale
Titan’s Wall -> Dragon Scale
Dragon Scale -> Andromalius’s Scale
Andromalius’s Scale -> Dragon Scale
Venin Shield -> Void Skull
Immortal Helm -> Vampiric Helm
Vampiric Helm -> Immortal Helm
Berserker’s Axe -> Champion’s Sword
Midas Belt -> 8 gold

Archer Only Items
Short Bow -> Shadow’s Bow
Shadow’s Bow -> Scavenger’s Cloak
Illiphar’s Arbalest -> Andromalius’s Arbalest
Cloak of Passage -> Wanderer’s Cloak
Wanderer’s Cloak -> Scavenger’s cloak
Scavenger’s Cloak -> Shadow’s Bow

Lizardfolk Only Items
Lightning Fang -> Poisonous Fang
Poisonous Fang -> Lightning Fang

Elf Only Items
Green Scale Wand -> Necrotic Wand
Sanguine Wand -> Necrotic Wand
Necrotic Wand -> Necrotic Ring

Human Only Items
Chain Mail -> Champion’s Plate
Noble Plate -> Champion’s Plate
Martyr’s Plate -> Champion’s Plate

Gnome Only Items
Venin Cap -> Immortal Cap
Death Cap -> Immortal Cap
Lucky Coin -> 8 gold

Dwarf Only Items
Immortal Belt -> Potion Belt

Hero Only Items
Aamon’s Blade -> Ashes
Champion’s Plate -> Champion’s Sword
Champion’s Sword -> Potion of Mastery

Dove’s Band -> Falcon’s Band
Falcon’s Band -> Necrotic Ring
Lifeblood Ring -> Necrotic Ring
Thoric’s Ring -> Titan’s Ring
Titan’s Ring -> Thoric’s Ring
Void Fury Ring -> Necrotic Ring
Antivenin Ring -> Necrotic Ring
Necrotic Ring -> Void Skull
Amethyst Ring -> Artifact Chest
Diamond Ring -> Artifact Chest
Emerald Ring -> Artifact Chest
Ruby Ring -> Artifact Chest
Topaz Ring -> Artifact Chest
Obsidian Ring -> Obsidian

The Giant’s Keys
An Old Key -> Portal Key
Portal Key -> Sapphire Gem
Smuggler’s Key -> Golden Key
Golden Key -> 8 gold

Miscellaneous Items
Ashes -> Phoenix Blade
Potion Belt -> Potion of Mastery
Tanner’s Gloves -> Armored Gloves
Armored Gloves -> Gauntlets
Gauntlets -> Champion’s Plate
Soul Stealer -> Champion’s Sword
Sapphire Gem -> Ashes
Void Skull -> Artifact Chest

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