The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackrose Prison Unchained Guide

A Guide of my Own “How to Get Unchained”. Guide Created with help of @Rureczka (strategy/tactics). Additional Thanks to @StonedFlyingLamb for editing the guide.


1st Arena

Trash Fight
For most of the fight stack in the middle. On the 2nd and 3rd rounds, when the Mage (Incinerator) spawns, both DDs stack on the Mage and kill it while the tank and healer stay in the middle (BRP Addon Helper show with arrow where and when exacly Mages spawn). On the 4th round 2nd wave 2 Mages spawn on the sides of the arena.

The tank taunts the left Mage and stacks with the DDs on the right Mage. When the left Mage moves to the middle, the tank can come back to the middle. The DDs finish the right Mage and can go back to the middle too. The healer stays in the middle and chains the remaining adds (healer can interrupt left Mage if needed).

During all trash rounds Cleaver/DK will spawn most of the time from entrance (on the 4th round there will be 2 Cleavers spawning on 1st wave and 2 DKs on last wave from the sides of the arena).

During all Arena Use your ultimates to kill the DKs and Cleavers where at on the 4th round make sure to not use your ultimates on the last wave so you can have it for the Boss fight.

Boss Fight
Stay in the middle in a square formation: the tank stays on exit side, the healer on entrance side, the DDs on the right and left sides close to the boss (you should make the formation at the spot where the boss spawns). Block the meteors when they appear and don’t stack/stay in red (the tank doesn’t need to move). If there is not enough DPS the boss should stay at its spot and start the spinning mechanic without teleportation.

2nd Arena

Trash Fight
During most of the trash fight, stack on the exit and don’t stay in netch aoe. During the fight don’t stay in the Archer’s cone, don’t stay to close to the adds since most of them do cleave damage (especialy Crocodiles/Hoarvors), try to move around the netches. Save your ultimates for big adds (Archers, Haj Mota, Troll, Wamasu).

Our group uses 2 horns on the 2nd round for the Archer/Wamasu, on the 3rd round for the last wave on Troll/Archer, and on the 4th round for the Wamasu. The tank should always taunt the Crocodiles/big adds and chain the small adds.

On the 1st round there will be Archer spawning on exit at last wave. On the 2nd round there will be a Haj Mota spawning and right after it, the Archer on exit side. On the 3rd round every wave has a Troll spawning (remember to not stay to close to the Troll). On the last wave of that round a Troll will spawn left side and an Archer will spawn right side. Everyone stacks on the Troll’s side so the Archer will move to the middle. When the Archer move to middle stack on him with Troll and kill them. While stacking/moving keep your eyes open on Troll stomp and netches AoE.

On the 4th round last wave there will be Wamasu spawning on the exit and 2 Archers on the sides of the arena. Kill the Wamasu, then stack on the left Archer. Move to the right Archer when its comes to the middle. To stack the Archers, the tank taunts both Archers and moves to the left Archer. When the right Archer is in the middle, move to the right side so that the left Archer comes to middle as well. Remember to during that fight keep your eyes open on netches.

Boss Fight
The boss spawns in the middle and teleports here and there. He spawns a Troll at 80% of the boss health. Focus the Troll and move to the boss (remember to not stay close to the Troll).

Later on, a Haj Mota spawns at 60% of the boss health. When fighting the Haj Mota, try to face it to the wall so it doesn’t travel to much and kill it. Use DD’s/healer ultimates on Haj Mota, but wait until the boss is away so you don’t overdps the boss (if boss drops to 40% while the Haj Mota is alive, the Haj Mota will enrage). After the Haj Mota is dead, move to the boss.

Wamasu spawns at 40% of the boss health. Focus on the boss and follow him after teleport. The tank stay with Wamasu after teleport.

When Bug Bomb happens on the DDs or healer, they stay stacked and the tank keeps facing the boss/adds away. If the tank has it, use Magma Shell/Barrier and stay alone. In some situations the tank can gets the mechanic twice. In that situation for the second Bug Bomb, everyone stacks on the tank and pays attention to their surroundings.

During the Boss fight, don’t interrupt the Boss so that the Bleed stacks drop from the tank.

PS: It’s good to have purge on the healer/tank through out the arena since there is a lot of deadly/purgable dots. Don’t stay too close to the adds when they do their mechanics. Troll do the stomp. The Haj Mota can kill you when it starts charging even if you’re behind it and his shockwave can kill you if not blocked. The Wamasu has a deadly conal lightning attack and shoots out lightning spheres in all directions. Both Crocodiles and Hoarvers have oneshotting conal attacks.

3rd Arena

Trash Fight
Stack on the middle and DPS. The most important task is to chain/interrupt Infusers and don’t stay in red. Ultimates can be used for stacks of Infusers/Gargoyles. When Gargoyles spawn you can move to entrance so their AoE will spawn on the side and not in the middle.

On 1st round 2nd wave 3 Infusers spawn. Try to blockcast during this fight until the Infusers are dead. During 4th round 1st wave also blockcast since 4 Infusers will spawn.

Boss Fight
Stack in the middle and the tank needs to go to the side when the Bat Swarm counter is on 5 seconds. The boss likes to drop the swarm quicker than the counter indicates. Come back to the middle when the Bat Swarm is dropped on the ground.

While the tank is moving the boss aside, the healer can chain the adds. Most Important to chain is Infusers. Interrupt and cleave Infusers down.

During fight the boss can start to drain group member what need to be interrupted ASAP. Pay attention to this mechanic since it might happend while Boss is standing in Bat Swarm.

When a Colossus spawns, try to blockcast (we had situations where Colossus kept attacking people despite being taunted). Use your ultimates on it since a Colossus being up makes the Boss invulnerable.

When you’re about to get cursed, try to stay close to the portal and cleanse yourself ASAP (the boss is immune when you are cursed). After that chain in all the adds from the portal.

During fight the boss might be directed towards the group (when for example coming back from side after casting Bat Swarm). Always DD’s/Healer try to keep distance/not stay in front of the boss since its doing AoE Heavy Attack.

4th Arena

Trash Fight
1st Round
Stay on exit throughout the round 1st wave a Cleaver spawns on the exit. 2nd wave 1 Crocodile spawns on the exit and 2 Mages and 1 Infuser spawn on the sides.

Taunt the crocodile and chain the Infuser. The DDs interrupt the Infuser if needed. The healer focuses on range interrupting the mages. After chaining the Infuser, the tank can taunt the mages and move to the entrance corners to stack them. When the Infuser/Crocodile is dead, the DDs follow the Mages and kill them. On 3rd wave Archer spawns on exit. Stack on it and kill it (remember the netches and Archer cone).

2nd Round
During the 1st wave the healer stays on the exit side and chains all the Archers. The tank taunts only the Cleaver and moves to the middle. The DDs stack on the left side, kill the Mage, and then move to the Cleaver. At this point kill only the Cleaver.

The 2nd wave starts when 2 adds are dead (Cleaver/Mage). On the next wave, a DK and other small adds spawn. The tank taunts the DK (what spawns on Right side of the Arena) and stacks it in the middle. The healer should keep stacking small adds on the side (again chain Archers and taunt 2 small melee adds, but watch out for their heavies as they can oneshot you if not blocked). The DDs focus on the DK and after it is dead, kill the rest of the adds (again, the next wave starts when 2 adds are killed). Use your ultimates while fighting Cleaver/DK.

On the 3rd wave, Mage Boss will spawn on middle and 2 Mages will spawn on sides. The tank taunts the boss and stays in the middle. The healer taunts the 2 Mages and goes to the exit corners to stack them in the middle. The DDs stay in the middle, DPS the boss and interrupt Mages if needed (Healer can callout if interrupt needed to be done since sometimes range interrupt fail). After the Mages are stacked, the tank can taunt the Mages. Focus the boss and cleave down the Mages (Tank can Move the Boss closer to the Mages if needed).

3rd Round
Stack on exit and kill the Archer (remember about the netch). After the Archer is dead, a Haj Mota will spawn on the left side. Taunt it and kill it on the exit. While fighting the Haj Mota, you can use one horn and try to face it towards a wall, so it doesn’t move too much.

After the Haj Mota is dead, the Archer boss and Crocodiles spawn. Go to the middle, taunt everything, and use the rest of your ultimates. With enough DPS the Boss should die without teleporting and spawning a Troll. If you don’t have enough DPS, keep your focus on the boss (move to him when he teleports) and after he is dead, the Troll will disappear.

4th Round
During the 1st wave, stack in the middle and chain everything. On the 2nd Wave, stack on the entrance until the Gargoyle AoE spawns and then move to the middle. While waiting at the entrance, the Infuser from the exit should move to the middle. When back in the middle, chain the second Infuser, which spawns on left side of the room. After they are stacked, use one horn and one DD ultimate.

After the Gargoyle is dead, the 3rd wave starts. On the 3rd Wave, the boss spawns in the middle, 1 Infuser spawns on the left side and 1 Cold Mage on the right side. Chain them in and focus the Boss. When Bat Swarm appears, the tank moves the Boss aside. Don’t move the Boss to far to avoid getting trapped by the netches. At this point the DDs kill the Infuser and then DPS the Boss. Use your remaining ultimates after the boss is back after casting Bat Swarm. If not enough dps you will need to cleanse in portal ASAP (the boss is immune while someone have curse). There is only one portal so keep a eye on its position. After cleansing chain remember to chain the adds from portal. If the Boss have low health you can skip chaining the adds from portal and moving boss a side for Bat Swarm.

Boss Fight
The tank taunts the Mage boss and moves to the torch (its your pin point to position your self for Archer boss Spawn). While fighting the Mage, use the tank ultimate to shorten the fight and avoid boss spinning mechanic. We used only one ultimate on the Mage since we do not need more damage on the Archer Boss – this is explained later. When the Mage hits 30% Health, the Archer boss will spawn on the right side of the tank (if the tank stayed on the torch). Taunt the Archer boss and keep focusing the Mage boss. You can cleave a little bit the Archer boss so the Wamasu can spawn (Wamasu spawns at 50% of Archer boss health).

After the Mage is dead, focus on the Wamasu (or focus the Archer boss a little if the Wamasu has not spawned yet and if Wamasu is up dont cleave Archer boss to much if possible). When the Wamasu is dead, stack in the middle and chain adds if any spawned, dps the Archer boss with light and heavy attacks to around 42% health and wait for Bug Bomb to spawn (cause of this waiting previous DPS on Archer boss doesnt matter). He will spawn Bug Bomb on the group and then teleport. Wait for Bug Bomb to disappear and the Boss to teleport again. Reason behind waiting is to make burning Archer boss safe as possible without having a Bug Bomb on us while burning and having optimal time to DPS him after the teleport.

When the Boss teleports (while doing everything writed above) rush to him, use all your ultimates and burn him. While nuking the Archer Boss, a Haj Mota will spawn at 40% of the Archer’s health near the Boss and then Vamp boss at 30% of the Archer’s health in the middle. The tank needs to remember to taunt them both. The Haj Mota will disappear once the Archer boss is dead. The tank need to keep in mind that the Archer boss is getting nuked so the Haj Mota and Vamp boss will spawn almost instantly.

After the Archer is dead, the tank stays on the side until Bat Swarm appears. Then the tank moves to the middle and DDs dps Vamp Boss. While fighting Vamp Boss, remember about the drain and curse. You will have only one portal to cleanse in this fight so keep in mind where its located. Boss is immune when some have a curse so cleanse ASAP. And again If the Boss have low health you can skip chaining the adds from portal and moving boss a side for Bat Swarm.

5th Arena

Trash Fight
During all trash waves, stack in the middle and chain in everything. One DD will need to move to the sides to destroy the totems (in our progress killing one totem per round was enough). Use ultimates when a Vengeful Revenant or a Soul of Void (black ghosts) spawns. The Vengeful Revenant creates a rune on the floor on which the tank needs to stand until it disappears.

During all the trash fights, the healer can chain in the adds while the tank just taunts them (it helped our group). After chaining in the adds, it’s good to use an immobilize skill to stop them from moving out of the middle. It’s very important for them to stay in the middle so that you can keep interrupting them. For that you can use time freeze as stun or a combination of Caltrops and the DK Talons. A Warden’s portal immobilizes the adds for a short duration after they’re chained in as well.

PS: During the trash fight, one of most important things is interrupting. In our prog, we had a stam DD using Vateshran dual wield to AoE Interrupt adds. Other ways to deal with it is for everyone to bash or for a DK to use Deep Breath (best on the tank).

Boss Fight
The tank stays in the middle and faces boss towards entrance. The rest of the group stays behind the Boss. Interrupt when needed and one DD moves out and kills a totem when it spawns.

While the ghost phase is happening, the tank goes to the side with the boss until the explosion timer appears. After the explosion, the boss will cast a negate field on its location. The rest of the group will collect “Yellow Ghosts” (remember to touch the ghost body not just the yellow circle) during the ghost phase.

One DD collects ghosts from the right entrace rune to the left entrance rune (and uses the left entrance rune to cleanse). The healer collects ghosts from the left entrance rune to the exit rune (and uses the exit rune to cleanse). The last DD collects ghosts from the exit rune to the right entrance rune (and uses the right rune to cleanse).

Use your ultimates at the start of the boss fight and after the explosion when the boss is in the middle. During the boss fight, Boss clones will appear. The tank taunts them and the DDs cleave them down.

The boss and the clones will keep jumping during the fight. It’s very important to place the jump aoes on the sides of the arena during the ghost phase. During ghost phase when The Boss/Clones jump on someone you need to go a side of the room so you don’t get a negate field in the wrong place. When the boss/clones land from a jump, block the wave. When you are not currently doing a ghost phase, stay in the middle with a jump and move aside when the boss/clones are about to land (and remember to block).

PS: During the Boss fight Tank need to try to not collect any Ghosts since there will not be any rune to cleanse (On Trash Fights it doesnt matter).

Additional Informations

In our progress run our group was using this addons:

Blackrose Prison Helper – Dont need to say much here. All around help during all the arena (It seems it clashes with another addon called Samurai. So if you are using BRP Helper turn off Samurai addon).

Wizard’s Wardrobe – Very good addon for quick changing the setups between rounds. Addons like Alpha Gear or Dressing Room tented to not fully work on some of the Arenas.

NeverGonnaPickYouUp (BRP sigil synergy blocker) – Addon to Block Sigils (dont need if you are not progressing Unchained)

Bandits User Interface – Very good addon to show a large amout of Combat Notifications like Heavy Attack from Footsoldiers (my personal number one death reason). Remember to turn on this settings:

Way how i look at map (just in case if someone is not sure what LEFT/RIGHT mean).

Red – Left Side
Green – Right Side
Black – Exit
Blue – Entrance
Brown – Middle

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