The Riftbreaker: Base management

Here is a guide on how to get the base management in The Riftbreaker.


The Riftbreaker Base management

So, base management. That’s a bit on the hard side, as I am not that good at managing my base. Fortunately, Riftbreaker doesn’t require you to manage conveyor belts, just pipes and cables. So, the main tip is… don’t be afraid to start your base from scratch later, just don’t let aliens to destroy your HQ, initially it ‘only’ costs 200 carbon(ium) and iron(y), but later it costs a few thousands, tens of thousands and a lot of time, which can be lowered by up to 64% using maintenance modification. Imagine that? But it would cost a lot to get there, and only should be attempted after your base is developed properly. Anyway.

Initially, you might want to place your base anywhere, but-
A – you need to factor in space
B – energy production, like geothermal, which will be required for production of both energy and mud
C – resource location, initially it’s good to have deposits of carbon and iron in close proximity to eachother in order to minimize amount of resources spent on energy production and defenses.
D – more of an outpost advice. You might want to place your outposts somewhere near the rock formations that don’t rise up and start wrecking your base for no better reason than being a nasty xenos. Bomber beetles (the enemy artillery) will have issues hitting your base if it has a roof over it, but only from one side, which is still quite good, but your HQ will be safe behind tons of buildings and walls by that time (usually).

Saying that, let’s get over the basic principles (no screenshots for now):
Your portal can be passed through without issues, but that’s kinda obvious, so it’s best to place them near entrances to your base.
All buildings (except military ones) can be passed through even if you put them close together. So don’t worry about placing them in close proximity, just make sure they are placed in paralel, for quick movement through base.
You can make floors. It’s in decoration segment. You will also have to make stable floors in desert so the quicksand wouldn’t damage your buildings.
You will require a lot of energy for research. For alien research you will require both energy and water, so plan accordingly.
Aliens can’t swim, aside from the few creatures, so in general, it’s safe to ignore the mud and only place walls and defenses on it’s edges. Again, in general, the mud people are easily killed by a few energy turrets, but the regular sentinels would do as well.

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