The Riftbreaker: PC Keyboard Controls

Here are the controls for the PC keyboard in The Riftbreaker.


The Riftbreaker PC Keyboard Controls

You can see controls in the beginning of the campaign or in prologue, not to mention that EVERYONE should know how to walk (WASD), or shoot (LMB/RMB), or use quickbar (I AM NOT WRITING THIS), but some things are a little more obscure (Especially, if you, like I, are not that attentive to tutorials the first time you start the game.) So, one of the best tips is to remap some controls to your liking, as I tend to drop mines quite a lot, and grenades, and use personal radar, so if you can, just map 7 and 8 to m4 and m5, if you can, and set it to something you will use quite often, like the aforementioned mines and grenades. Also, there’s SHIFT to dodge/roll/jump depending on the ‘skill’ equipped.

CTRL brings up the building menu. You build stuff to build more stuff. Factory must grow and without this nifty function you would get a rough time, as you will need Armory to produce ammo for your little machinegun, or craft that cute grenade/rocket/mine launcher and commit warcrimes with flamethrower.

ALT hold it to build an upgraded (depending on the research level) structure, if possible. Just select a wall, hold alt and it will build a lvl 2 or 3 wall, if you have the required research available.

M or TAB will bring up the map. Here you can fast travel to the blue triangles, that will be covered later. (For now, I won’t add pictures, because I am a tad bit too lazy.)

T Database. To read stuff. You know, text messages, threats of bodily harm from local fauna, invites to furry conventions, or scaly, I really don’t know what to say about it.

Y Orbital scanner. You will need to build it first though before you could travel across the world. Local map has you boxxxed in.

U Crafting. Build Armory before you can craft. After that, you need to research stuff in order to craft something aside from shoddy metal plates, swords, energy blasters and machineguns.

I Inventory. You know, to equip the stuff you crafted and assign your toys to quickslots so you could place that little nuke near some nest and watch it go up in flames.

O Research. First two tabs require comm relays, the third one requires lab. More on that later, but for a while, you will want to ignore the third tab, just because you can’t do anything with it until you researched the labs.

ESC The most powerful button of all. Menu options, where you can go to options and remap the keys to your liking. All praise the ESCAPE, for it is also the pause button… as well as the T/Y/U/I/O.

Shortcuts for some stuff: You will see a letter in a building menu, that’s the shortcut. You can designate more of them, or change some in the options menu, remap keys, so do it when you can, you will want those solar panels, wind turbines, energy storage and the three (yes three) extractors mapped to do everything quickly. Also walls, gates, portals, basic defenses etc.

Here’s some default ones (I never noticed them initially):
R – Repair tool.
F – Selling tool.
G – Upgrade tool.
V – Portal
X – Sentinel turret (the basic one that requires only energy to function)
C – Wall
Z – Wire connector

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