The Sims™ 4: Doctor Career Guide (Illness Diagnosing)

Everything you need to know about the “Doctor” career (Get to Work)



The Doctor Career is an active career accessible through The Sims 4 Get to Work pack. This guide will help those in the Doctor career to diagnose and treat their patients. It also features the levels and steps of the career. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know!

When a sim arrives at the hospital, they have a blue heart over their head. Once they have been diagnosed (by you or another sim), their heart will switch to red, indicating that they are ready to receive treatment.

Blue Heart, needs diagnosis

Red heart, needing some form of treatment



Sims will cough into their hand.


I’m not sure if this is an actual symptom but some sims with Starry Eyes appear cross-eyed.


Sims will have stars floating around their head and they will have to hold their head in their hand.

Dots (Rash)

Sims will have different sized spots across their face and body, these spots are mostly orange with small amounts of green.

Ear Steam

Steam will blow out of both sides of a sims’ ears.


Sims will wipe their foreheads and fan themselves with their hands while steam floats off their bodies.


Sims will scratch their stomach and legs. I’ve noticed that when they scratch themselves, they tend to think about bugs.


This is indicated with a pulsing red aura around the sims head, they will also touch their temple and look pained.


I can’t take a screenshot of this in time, but sims will sneeze into their elbow.

Stomach Ache

Sims will hold their stomach and look upset.

Stripes (Rash)

Sims will have stripes across their face and body.

Swatting the Air

Sims will swat at the air as if something is in front of them. This indicates Starry Eyes.

Swirls (Rash)

Sims will have swirls across their face and body.

Illness Diagnoses

Bloaty Head

Symptoms: Headache, Ear Steam
Treatment: Shot

Burnin’ Belly

Symptoms: Stomach Ache, Headache, Fever
Treatment: Surgery

Gas & Giggles

Symptoms: Stripes Rash, Stomach Ache, and the sim will laugh frequently
Treatment: Medicine

Itchy Plumbob

Symptoms: Stripes Rash, Itchy
Treatment: Surgery

Llama Flu

Symptoms: Dots Rash, Coughing, Sneezing, Fever
Treatment: Shot

Starry Eyes

Symptoms: Dizziness, Swatting at the Air, Swirls Rash, Cross-Eyed
Treatment: Medicine

Sweaty Shivers

Symptoms: Swirls Rash, Dots Rash, Fever, Itchy
Treatment: Shot

Triple Threat

Symptoms: Swirls Rash, Dots Rash, Stripes Rash, Dizziness, Sneezing, Coughing, Itchy
Treatment: Surgery

Career Levels

Medical Intern
Pay: §144/day
Promotion Task: Attend an active work day at the doctor career venue 2x

Pay: §184/day
Unlocks: Scrubs (CAS), Doctor Xavier Ray’s Display, Not So Blind Eye Chart
Promotion Task: Treat 2 patients

Medical Assistant
Pay: §280/day
Unlocks: Option to use “Give Medical Advice” to sims (in the friendly catalog of dialogue), can use X-Ray machine at the hospital
Promotion Task: Treat 3 patients

Medical Technologist
Pay: §392/day
Unlocks: Hospital gown (CAS), Defeat the Darkness Surgical Light, can use the treadmills to examine patients at the hospital
Promotion Task: Successfully diagnose and treat a patient

Assistant Nurse
Pay: §680/day
Unlocks: Restless Thankless Medical Stool, option to “Check Hotness” of sims (in the romance catalog of dialogue), can use the surgery machines at the hospital
Promotion Task: Successfully diagnose and treat 2 patients

Pay: §950/day
Unlocks: Doctor of Medicine Diploma, can “Determine Baby Gender” on sims who are pregnant (in the friendly catalog of dialogue)
Promotion Task: Successfully diagnose and treat 3 patients

Doctor – General Practitioner
Pay: §1,350/day
Unlocks: Scrub cap and lab coat (CAS), Seat of Health
Promotion Task: Perform Surgery on 3 Patients

Medical Specialist
Pay: §1,950/day
Unlocks: The Diligent Doctor’s Desk, can deliver babies at the hospital, “Sickness Resistance” trait
Promotion Task: Deliver a baby

Pay: §2,450/day
Unlocks: Skelly Sim
Promotion Task: Successfully diagnose and treat 5 patients

Chief of Staff
Pay: §2,800/day
Unlocks: “General Hospital” styled room

Note: The pay information is based on if a sim attends work alone. A sim’s performance at work dictates their pay if you join the sim at work.

Career Unlockables



CAS Items

Scrub Top

Scrub Pants

Lab Coat

Hospital Gown

Scrub Cap

Unlockable Room

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