The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe: All Stanley Figurine Locations

How to find all 6 Stanley Figurines included in the New Content of Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe


How to Activate the Stanley Figurines Quest

To start collecting the Stanley Figurines, you have to get to the 2nd New Content door and choose that pathway. In order to get the New Content door to open, you must play through a few endings and then go the newly opened door in the hallway just before the choice doors.

As shown here:

Complete the rather… sub-par ending of the “new content” and upon restart, the door should have neon lights next to it the second time you walk by. Entering the door a second time will bring you to a development office and then to an open Expo area where your journey begins.

The First Figurine

The first figurine can be found in the expo area, easily enough marked as “Collect Them All” with a large Stanley Figurine slowly rotating next to it. If you get lost, there is a map to help you find your way around the Expo area. Upon entering the room, proceed forward towards the glowing light surrounded by outreaching sculptures.

As shown: The Expo Showroom:

The First Figurine:

After collecting the figurine, continue to the end and let the game restart.

The Second Figurine

Now this is where your game may differ from mine. Each Figurine after the Expo can be found in any order you choose and do not have to follow my steps exactly. This is merely the order in which I found the Figurines.

Figurine 2 can be found in the boss’s private bathroom. After taking the left choice door to the meeting room and going up the stairs, turn left at the secretary’s desk and proceed towards the door with a plaque on it instead of entering the boss’s office. After opening the door you’ll find the second Figurine hidden within the boss’s private bathroom.

The Second Figurine:

After collecting the Figurine, continue to the boss’s office.

The Third Figurine

The third figurine can be found after continuing to the boss’s office and entering 2845 on the keypad to unlock the hidden passage. When the fireplace opens up to the hidden passageway, turn to the right (facing away from the lift) to find the Third Stanley Figurine hidden in the darkness.

The Third Figurine:

Continue the run to whichever ending you choose and let the game restart.

The Fourth Figurine

The Fourth Figurine is found in the Shipping Department/Warehouse. Start a new run and take the right choice door to the break room and continuing straight down the hallway until you reach the shipping department/warehouse. Do not get on the cargo lift. Instead, go up the plank of wood that makes a small ramp (marked with the red arrow), dropping down onto the bridge created by more planks towards the scaffolding with a figurine at the end.

The Fourth Figurine:
I already collected the figurine so the location is shown with a star

You can complete the run by either jumping to your death or by entering the air vent for one of the new endings.

The Fifth Figurine

The Fifth Figurine can be gotten alongside the Second and Third. Take the Left Choice Door and proceed towards the stairwell after the meeting room. Take the stairs Down and hidden under the stairwell is the Fifth Figurine.

The Fifth Figurine:

The Sixth Figurine

The Sixth Figurine is found in the Shipping Department/Warehouse area again. DO NOT TAKE THE BUCKET WITH YOU, you cannot get the Figurine if you have the bucket with you. As much as it pains you or me to leave our friend behind.

This time, take the cargo lift and drop down onto the catwalk, interrupting the narrator mid-sentence. After hearing his beratement, go forwards until you reach the Red and Blue Choice Doors. Before entering either one, a door to the right should be open with the Sixth Stanley Figurine on a desk chair in the open room.

The Sixth Figurine:

By Kermit Kujo


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