The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe: Endings Flowchart

hi all. glad to be back pushing buttons again. when TSP was released back in 2013, there were load of “endings flowcharts” floating around on the internet. these were great to use for walkthroughs; they were easy to follow and helped you discover content you might have otherwise missed. so far, I haven’t seen many for TSPUD and the ones I did find were a) hard to find and b) hard to follow, so I thought I’d go to the liberty of starting one up on steam. this is a collaborative effort; criticism is welcome (and probably necessary!)


intro / disclaimers

The aim of this flowchart is to:

  • Be easy to read and follow
  • Document all the endings (including some “endings” which do not lead to restarts)
  • Demonstrate clearly where the player is given choices in game

The aim of it is NOT to document literally everything that could happen in the Stanley Parable, old or new. This will clutter the flowchart and make it much harder to navigate. It will also fill it with spoilers, making it impractical for people who have not completed the game yet (which is the majority of people who really need the flowcharts in the first place).

There are some flowcharts out there that are willing to document in more detail, though – feel free to link them below (with adequate spoiler tags) for those who want them.

There are likely to be some inevitable light spoilers in this guide to vaguely allude to the content of each ending. I’ve limited this as much as possible, but for your own benefit, only confront this flowchart if you’re really stuck or you’re not sure if there’s any big pathways left for you to explore. Or if you’ve already beaten the game, of course.

Some pathways with multiple endings, such as the “Confusion Ending” and the “New Content” pathway are condensed due to their limited choices and otherwise linear story-lines. Choices which have no material impact on the direction story are also discounted and generally won’t be included. Feedback is heavily encouraged – this game only just came out and I have probably missed something.

Without further ado, here’s the chart:

the flowchart (current iteration)

To view the main flowchart in a better resolution, it’s recommended you open it in Chrome.

However, you might be mid-game, and doing this might not be very feasible. Below are some zoomed in pictures of the original flowchart which you can view from this guide. Clicking on them should open a new window where you can better view them if needs be.

Branches from Stanley’s Office:

Branches from choosing the door on the left:

Branches from choosing the door on the right:

“New Content” and other secret branches:

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