The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe: Endings Possible Without Using The Mouse

When attempting to leave the game open for an entire Tuesday, I decided to see what’s possible without moving the mouse.


RNG Comes Into Play

For a lot of endings, you need to rely on RNG to turn you around. Mainly the Blue Room start and the hall before the bucket going left instead of right. Otherwise, there would be less possible endings.

Possible Endings With No Mouse Movement

  • Out Of Bounds Ending (Including both choices, and with bucket)
  • Escape Pod Ending (Both)
  • The Canonical Ending (Stanley only) {Requires Narrator already opening secret door first}
  • Bottom of the Monitor Room Ending (Stanley Only) {Requires Narrator already opening secret door first}
  • Insanity Ending (Both)
  • Confusion Ending
  • Cassette Player Ending (Both)
  • Jumping Off The Cargo Lift (Both)
  • Answering The Phone (Stanley Only)
  • Unplugging The Phone (Both)
  • Red Door
  • Blue Door {Pick the new Right Door, or now Middle Door, then only pick the Left Door}
  • Is This A Bucket?
  • The Stanley Parable 2 Expo
  • Epilogue

Impossible Endings With No Mouse Movement

  • Coward Ending {Can’t click on door}
  • Button Heaven
  • Elevator Ending (Both) {Faced away from button when you load into the room}
  • Museum Ending (Both) {Can’t get to this point with bucket, and you’re facing down when you load in}
  • Nuked Ending {Can’t press Yes button}
  • Any Mind Control Facility Ending with the Bucket {Can’t get here with the Bucket}
  • Monitor Room Easter Egg
  • Answering The Phone (Bucket) {Can’t grab Bucket at work}

What I Didn’t Check

  • Anything to do with New Content before the Stanley Parable 2 Expo
    Pretty sure Jump Circle is possible
    Memory Zone might be impossible

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