theHunter Call of the Wild™: Down and Dirty Mil-dot Visual Guide

This guide is for the Hyperion only. The fallowing is an adaptation of the mil-dot system for in-game use. I made as simple as possible for gamers that have no real-world experience using military-style scopes.

This works for the fallowing rifles: .223, .243, .270, 7.62x54R, 6.5 mm, .3006, .303, .300, .338
* Be advised, The “Solokhin” rifle shoots .5 mil LOW and to RIGHT. The .243 shoots approximately .5 mil. low past 150 meters.

To “hold off” refers to the act adjusting reticle position in relation to the desired point of impact. In the game this simply aiming higher to compensate for bullet drop. Wind seems to only seems to be a factor for the archery weapons in this game.

I did not include references for the zeroed distances for obvious reasons. Also not included are values for distances between 50-meter increments, here is why; the difference between the values are so small that only in a bench shooting situation would they become noticeable.


First things first. Every part of the reticle represents a value.

– The vertical and horizontal lines of the reticle represent .5 mil.
– The the dots equal 1 mil.
– The bars towards the end of the reticle lines equal 1.5 mil. in width.
– From dot to dot is 8 mil.
– From the exact center of the reticle to the first dot equals 8 mil.
* Keep in mind the whole point of mil-dots and related values are so that you have a frame of
reference in your field of view to use as a means of measure. YOU MUST VISUALIZE THE
In the next section pay close attention to the reticle (center of the “cross hair”) in relation to the
center of the target and the distance between them. That difference between them is the VALUE
represented in mils.

Values for holding off for the ranges of 200 meters through 300 meters with 150 meter zero.

Hold off .5 mil. @ 200 meters (150 zeroing). Hit @ 200 meters holding off .5 mil.

Holding off .75 mil @ 250 meters (150 zeroing). Hit @ 250 meters holding off .75 mil.

Holding off 1.5 mil @ 300 meters (150 zeroing) This was included in case that you did not want to take the time to switch zeros. Keep in mind that the longer the shot the more time you should take to get it right. Hit @ 300 meters holding off 1.5 mil. (150 zeroing)

Values for holding off for ranges of 350 meters through 400 meters with 300 meter zero.

Holding off .75 mil @ 350 meters (300 zeroing). Hit @ 350 meters holding off .75 mil.

Holding off 1.5 mil @ 400 meters (300 zeroing). Hit @ 400 meters holding off 1.5 mil. (300 zeroing)

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