theHunter Call of the Wild™ Keyboard Controls

These are the controls for the hunter for new and veteran members on the hunter.


theHunter Call of the Wild™ Keyboard Controls

Move forward = W
Move backwards = S
Strafe Left = A
Strafe right = D
Run = Left Shift
Run toggle = Caps Lock
Auto Walk = G
Jump / stand-up = Space
Crouch = Left Control
Prone = Z
Fire / use item = Left mouse button
Aim mode = Right mouse button
Hold breath = Left Shift
Holster weapon / item = H
Toggle scope = Mouse wheel
Head lamp = L
Interact = E
Camera = P
Equip huntermate = Tab
Open main map = M
Open codex = F1
Open inventory = F2
Open skills = F3
Open perks = F4
Open missions = F5
Open multiplayer menu = F6
Global chat = T
Scoreboard = I
Reset default tobii head position = O
Quick switch item = Q
Whistle = X
Command wheel = B

Driving Mode
Accelerate = W
Reverse = S
Turn left = A
Turn right = D

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