theHunter Call of the Wild™ Keyboard Controls

This is just a guide to help out the new players of the hunter call of the wild.


The Controls of Call of the Wild

( Walking Mode )
Forward – W
Backwards – S
Left – A
Right – D

( Driving Mode )
Accelerate – W
Reverse – S
Turn Left – A
Turn Right – D
Headlights – L

Other Useful Controls
Crouch – Left Control
Prone – Z
Fire/ use Item – Right mouse Button
Reload Weapon – R
Use Skill – F
Hold Breath – Left Shift
Toggle Scope – Middle Mouse
Head Lamp – L
Interact – E
Camera – P
Equip Hunter Mate – Tab
Open CodeX – F1
Open Inventory – F2
Open Skills – F3
Open Perks – F4
Open Missions – F5
Open Multiplayer Menu – F6
Global Chat Message – T
Scoreboard – I
Quick Switch Item – Q
Whistle – X
Jump/Stand up – Spacebar

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