Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Wildlands: The Devil´s Road Guide (Extreme+ Story Challenge)

Alternative STORY CHALLENGE – “The Devil´s Road” … *** Warning: Veterans only. It´s very hard and requires all Story UNLOCKS plus ExecutionerWristband & 9mmC1 & M1891 !! ***



“The Devil´s Road” is a Classic Challenge – meaning it´s very tough !!!

As some veterans always look for new thrilling challenges after beating Daily Challenge, dabbling in Tiermode (maybe even to Tier01) and possibly even GhostMode (Permadeath).. here is your ultimate call to arms. Yes, not for the faint-hearted and you need some gear, but you will have a blast – if you survive ^^

COOP is possible, but additional restrictions apply to prevent things getting too easy.
(check ->Coop)

Once you managed to survive this hell, leave a short comment and let us know what you liked/hated. Enjoy the Wildlands in a classic and less digital scenario..

Don´t try this, if you are afraid to die multiple times.. it will happen! Adapt, Overcome ;D

Restrictions + LOADOUT

Difficulty: Extreme or higher (aka Tiermode)

1. no drone! -> Binoculars
2. no team! -> Solo
3. no rebels! -> no support
4. no vehicle drops! -> steal what you need
5. no Nightvision!
6. no Mines, C4, FragGrenades, Flares


SNR: M1891 (loud ..SR-1, better M40A5)
SMG: 9mm C1 (loud ..M60 damage)
HDG: M9 (silent ..low Penetration)
Melee: ExecutionerWristband (silent, but intense)

Devices: FlashGrenade + DiversionLure ONLY!

Coop (easier) – additional Restrictions

Difficulty: lower Tiermode only (Tier25 or lower)
Special Rule: “Restricted Revive” ..after 3 team-revives RESTART the current mission!!

WARNING: Each weapon can only be used once !!

  • 1 Sniper
  • 1 SMG
  • 1 Handgun
  • ..yes, with 4 players the last one has to play with KNIFE ^_^

It will be similar to a hardcore survival game, where you only have that one weapon in your hands. Think twice if you really want that. But after some testing this is the only solution I could come up with, otherwise Coop would melt the difficulty down.. or I would have to restrict it to 2 players max.
Still, Solo is much harder than having 1-3 helpers (more tactical, in synch and reviving buddies). That said, Coop is definitely great for team-building and actually harder than GhostMode 😉

BRIEFING : Mission Chains & Instructions

NoteFirst is the mission name so you can find it easily. Second is a short description with restrictions. Last mission is the Branch-Boss. Enjoy..

  1. Chemical Trail — Search the Buchon´s house and visit the ChemicalInstitute. Be silent!
  2. Marcus Jensen — Interrogate Jensen. Extract him afterwards.
  3. Framing El Wey — Take out the GuardTowers first and secure the HeliPad. Get the ShotgunShells. Kill Lt.Bento with Sniper Headshot.
  4. El Wey — Find ElWey and extract him.
  5. La Gringa — Don´t use any aircraft.
  6. Freedom Of Speech — Protect the Union leader.
  7. Salazar — Capture and extract him.
  8. Madre Coca — No Sniper rifle.

El Yayo — Kill every Sicario in the area. No melee, only bullets! – Make it look like the rebels did it.

  1. El Pulpo´s Right-Hand Man — Don´t trigger alarms before interrogating the SilverMine´s manager.
  2. The Money Truck — No Sniper rifle. Don´t kill anyone at Pulpo´s hideout.
  3. Nidia´s Cash — Melee Only. Don´t kill more than 3 enemies!
  4. The Bank Heist – Don´t trigger any alarm before defending the Vault!
  5. El Pulpo — Steal a weaponized aircraft and protect ElPulpo until he reaches his helicopter at the airport.
  6. Mojocoyo´s Boss — Extract Antonio.
  7. Gabriela — Don´t use any aircraft.
  8. ElGato — Only Melee or M9. Hit hard – Kill all Sicarios.
  9. The Real El Gato — Only Melee or M9. Hit hard – Kill all Sicarios.
  10. Boston Reed — M1891 ONLY. Kill all enemies from at least 200m away. Eliminate Reed and his escorts.

Nidia Flores — Deactivate alarms, kill the sniper in melee and take position in tower. Proceed from there..

  1. The Bodyguard — Interrogate Perico´s former bodyguard.
  2. DJ Perico´s Home — Don´t trigger any alarms.
  3. DJ Perico — Only Melee or M9. Interrogate Perico.
  4. ElChido — 9mmC1 or M9.
  5. The Casino — No Sniper rifle.
  6. Carzita — 100% MELEE. Don´t fire any shot!
  7. LaSantera — Don´t use any aircraft.
  8. Ramon Feliz — Find him and get us the data.

El Cardenal — Kill every Sicario outside before entering the church. Inside church: M9 ONLY. Extract him with parked sports car nearby.

  1. Amaru´s Rescue — 9mmC1 or Melee.
  2. El Polito´s Sports Car — 9mmC1 or Melee.
  3. La Yuri and El Polito — 9mmC1 ONLY. Send a message!
  4. The Deserter — M1891 / 9mmC1 ONLY. Eliminate all search teams, then extract him.
  5. Carl Bookhart — 9mmC1 or Melee.
  6. Culta´s Prisoner — Stealth! M9 ONLY. Reload, if you trigger alarm.
  7. The Trail Of The General — Find Baro´s former aide, who became rebel lieutenant and is now in prison.
  8. General Baro — Might be hard, but we need him alive.

El Muro — Get into his military base. Extract him at any costs.

  1. Watchman – No kills! True Pacifist! run..
  2. Archangel – No Sniper rifle for both missions.
  3. Oracle – Get at least 5 Melee Kills in both missions. Drone allowed for the Story-part.
Optional Content (Year1):
  1. El Comandante (Year1 or UBI-club) — No Sniper rifle. Kill him in Melee.
  2. La Cabra (Year1) — No Sniper rifle. Kill her in Melee.
The Final Story Mission:

EL Sueno – Don´t use any aircraft. Good luck..

Difficulty RATING (Wildlands incl. DLCs)

#Ranking – also shows how hard Wildlands really is out of the box

      • 1.

    GhostMode (Permadeath) @Tiermode

      • 2.


      • 3.

    GhostMode (Permadeath)

      • 4.

    TheDevil´sRoad – Coop

      • 5.

    GhostMode (Permadeath) @Tiermode – Coop

      • 6. Base Game @Tiermode (


      • 7.

    GhostMode (Permadeath) – Coop

      8. FallenGhosts (DLC)
    • 9. Base Game @Tiermode (Tier35)
    • 10. FallenGhosts (DLC) – Coop
    • 11. Base Game @Tiermode – Coop
    • 12. NarcoRoad (DLC)
    • 13. Base Game (max.Lv30)
    • 14. NarcoRoad (DLC) – Coop
    • 15. Base Game (max.Lv30) – Coop

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