Tower Unite: Sweet Tooth Guide 2022 (All Hole in Ones Included)

An Up To Date Guide for Sweet Tooth (All Hole In One’s)


Hole #1

When you first start off you want to aim for the inside of the curve, that’ll carry you to the first hump. You want to make sure the retractable wall in the curve ahead is about to come up then full power it in the direction shown, which will put you on the final stretch where all you need to do is align it with the flag and power it near the P in PAR for a score of 3.

Hole #2

This one is an easy hole in one (also an achievement) just align the cursor of your mouse where it covers half of the hole and full power it in.

Hole #3

Easiest way is to hit it is when the paddle is furthest away from you and about to come back. That will knock you to the first exit then it’s straight to the hole for an easy 2.

Hole #4

This one is a little tricky, you want to aim the cursor to the left of the frosted corner at full power. Then once you’re out of the first part it gets tricky. Take your mouse and align the left side of the edge (directly in front of the arrow) and put the power near the S in STROKE that way it bounces off and ricochets into the hole for a 2.

Hole #5

For this hole aim full power at the triangle in front of you and you’ll get it close to where all you have to do now it aim slightly to the left of the hole at the beginning of the S in STROKE. It’ll bounce off the wall behind and go in the hole for another easy 2.

Hole #6

Hole in one achievement, aim near the sprinkle in the frosting on the wall. (Depending on your camera angle you may need to aim more left)

Hole #7

This one requires patience, wait for the 2 sliding blocks to cross 3 times, when they’e crossing for the 3rd time (as shown in pic) that’s when you’ll need to have your power level at the end of the P in PAR and click. That’ll get you the hole in one,

Hole #8

For this one put your power level at the end of the E in Stroke and aim a little to the left for a hole in one.

Hole #9

This one is the easiest once you do it once. Aim for the middle of the blue part sticking out with your power level at the S in STROKE and done.

Score Card for Holes 1 – 9

Hole #10
Full power along the wall and it’ll carry you to the hole, just don’t aim to far away.

Hole #11
This one is also really easy as soon as you start just full power to the right, carful not to hit the wall or it’ll send you down the slot.

Hole #12
This one is complicated and timing is everything. Right as the pipe is crossing the center you want to release the ball with the power level at the end of the E in Hole and the begining of the black
circle and cross your fingers.

Hole #13
This one is also a game of chance, you’ll want to make sure you get in the first chocolate hole you come to not the last one. Once you get in the hole it’ll take you to where the second and final putt is. Don’t use full power just a little under and it’ll swing you in the hole after you bounce off the inside wall.

Hole #14
This one is tricky to get but it’s a hole in 2 if you can get the angle right and hit the block on the loop, it’ll knock you off and to the top part where all you need to do is a short putt to complete. (Aim slightly to the right for best chance)

Hole #15
Now it comes down to the worst hole we all know…

Aim to the middle of the shadow at full power and wait for the kit-kat the reach the lip for you to click and actually make it in 1 stroke. After that nail biting moment is over just full power it again forward and you’ll be up at the top of the ramp. Just hit it again when the blue thing starts to retract from the outside and it’ll take you to the hole for a 3.

Hole #16
Now we are down to the last 3 holes which are all easy hole in ones. For this one aim full power to just before the cure on the light green tile and it’ll guide you to the chute for an easy 1.

Hole #17
For this one aim your cursor to the left side of the 2ed tile from the right and shoot full power.

Hole #18
Finally hole 18, as soon as the retractable curve comes up just launch your ball into the star of the curve and you got the hole in one.

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