Tower Unite: How To Get Consistent Strikes/Perfect Games In Bowling

My strategy to getting consistent strikes in Bowling. It’s a bit convoluted, but it works.



For this strategy, I used a controller. If you do not have an applicable controller to play Tower Unite with, then this isn’t for you.

Controller Bindings

Open Big Picture Mode, click on Tower Unite in your library, then click on “Manage Game”

Then “Controller Configuration”

Click one of the boxes pertaining to a D-pad on the controller.

Apply the 4 settings shown here:


Go to the rightmost lane, Lane #8.

Now this is when things get a little convoluted – there are two very small visual indicators you need to look for.
First, look very closely at the wood patterns on the floor.
Between the middle dot and the first dot on the right, you can make out a strip that is a littler whiter than the rest of the floor.

Next, look at the ball itself.
On the bottom of the ball, slightly to the right, you can see there’s some extra pixels sticking out of the bottom. (You can’t really see it in the screenshots; it’s much more obvious in-game.)
Use your mouse to position that spot of the ball in the very MIDDLE of the white strip on the floor. Then click to confirm.

If you did the controller bindings right, you should be able to use your controller to bowl completely straight.
So, using the the controller, pull back then forward like normal, and don’t apply any spin.

If you did everything correctly, it should be a strike every time.

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