Town of Salem 2: Fake Claim Guide (Tier List)

Faking a claim is often the most difficult part of being a new player playing an evil role. This guide will give you a good idea of the pros and cons of faking different claims as well as advice for which roles some claims are best suited to.


Tier List and Format

Roles are ranked according to the following tier list.
S Tier – The best fake claims, widely applicable
A Tier – Very good fake claims
B Tier – Moderate-good fake claims
C Tier – Workable claims
D Tier – Niche/difficult claims
F Tier – Never claim

S Tier – Sheriff, Investigator, Psychic, Veteran, Amnesiac
A Tier – Trapper, Trickster, Retributionist
B Tier – Coroner, Spy, Bodyguard
C Tier – Seer, Cleric
D Tier – Lookout, Tracker, Crusader, Tavern Keeper
F Tier – Vigilante, Deputy, Admirer, Socialite, all Town Power roles

Town Investigative

Coroner – B Tier – The Coroner is a very easy role to fake claim and thus is often viewed with suspicion. Anyone who has played coroner knows that it often takes you multiple days to find any usable information, with you being literally useless on the first night. Faking being a coroner is very easy because it’s entirely plausible that you have no results, however don’t be surprised if you’re the first suspect to be hanged when the town runs out of leads. I would recommend this role for Neutral Killing or Apocalypse roles, but would avoid it as Coven, as you have far better options when you have a team to work with.

Sheriff – S Tier – The Sheriff is perhaps the most commonly faked Investigative role thanks to its simple nature. Calling sus or not sus is an easy result to fabricate, and as Coven you can use information gathered from yourself or your teammates (most often Coven Utility roles) to accurately be able to say that a Neutral Evil role is suspicious, therefore adding validity to your claim. Additionally, Sheriff is a workable claim as a Neutral Killing or Apocalypse role as you can assume that players with defence will often show up as suspicious, therefore allowing you to hang someone you know to be another Neutral role or a Coven Leader, however this is only advisable in the late game as they will often call you out as the one that attacked them, and if they were a Neutral Killing or Apocalypse role you will be immediately outed as fake. If your results are proven to be invalid, you still have wiggle room as you could potentially blame an Illusionist or Enchanter for your false results. Sheriff is also a very easy Executioner claim.

Investigator – S Tier – The Investigator, like the Sheriff, is an easy role to fake claim thanks to how easy it is to fake results. Unlike the Sheriff, however, you can out Neutral Killing or Apocalypse roles, helping you get rid of non-Town threats. Investigator is an excellent claim for all evil roles thanks to this.

Lookout – D Tier – The Lookout is a complicated role to fake claim due to the accuracy needed in your results. Lookout is an excellent fake claim for the Wildling, however most other evil roles would struggle to fake being a Lookout. It may be possible to fabricate results using information gathered from public wills and the actions of your teammates as Coven or Apocalypse roles, however this is difficult and prone to failure.

Psychic – S Tier – The Psychic is a fantastic fake claim due to how non-specific and broad its results are. Oftentimes your results will end up being accurate due to sheer chance, though you may also include information about or gathered by your teammates as Coven or Apocalypse roles to guarantee your information is accurate. Psychic is an excellent fake claim for all evil roles.

Seer – C Tier – The Seer is a workable fake claim due to the potential to out rival evil roles, however it is brought down by the specificity of its results. If you want to fake claim Seer, you need to have teammates giving you information that you can use to make accurate claims, as if you claim randomly you will likely be outed naturally as people die and the game progresses. I would recommend Seer as a fake claim to Coven roles, however I would avoid it as other evil roles.

Spy – B Tier – The Spy is a complicated role to fake claim due to the specificity of its results, however, unique among Town Investigative roles, Spies are not expected to share the full log of their actions at the start of each day. As Spy it is common practice that you mark the targets of your Bugs as Hidden until you garner information from them. This means that you can afford to sit back and observe public information or information from your teammates in order to fake convincing results, making it a good claim for evil roles with teammates and a workable claim for evil roles without.

Tracker – D Tier – The Tracker is a role which is very easy to claim for certain roles however is difficult for most others. Tracker is a very easy claim for Wildling and Werewolf, as they get the same information that trackers do, however especially in the case of the Werewolf, this is a very predictable fake claim. The more complicated but potentially workable method would be to fake Tracker results by using information gathered by your teammates (Witch control targets, Wildling results, Shroud haunt attacks, etc.) however this can fall apart if the town specifically asks you to track a target.

Town Protective

Bodyguard – B Tier – The Bodyguard is a very simple role to fake claim, however the interference of other evil roles will cause your claim to fall apart. It is very easy to claim you are protecting someone, however if your team needs to kill that person, or other evil roles attack that person, you will need to say you were protecting somebody else which will be obviously suspicious if the target you ‘let die’ was a confirmed town member like a Town Power. Bodyguard places itself at B tier thanks to its potential to fake chain with Town Protective roles, giving you an excuse for protecting someone other than a key target.

Cleric – C Tier – The Cleric is very similar to the Bodyguard, however, in games with a Poisoner you will be immediately outed as fake when you cannot heal someone that has been poisoned.

Crusader – D Tier – The Crusader is very similar to the Bodyguard as well, however, you are far more likely to be outed as fake since a real Crusader would attack anyone that visits your targeted player, not just attackers, meaning it is far easier to be outed as fake.

Trapper – A Tier – The Trapper is a slow and comparatively weak Town Protective role, meaning your fake claim as one will be far easier to maintain. It is easy to say that your trap was triggered by a non-killing role using public information or information from your teammates, and since the Trapper needs a night to rebuild their trap, you will likely be forgiven for not helping the town much. This makes the Trapper a very easy Town Protective role to fake claim and maintain the illusion of being.

Town Killing

Veteran – S Tier – The Veteran may be the most commonly faked claim, however this is for good reason. As a Veteran, town and evil roles will actively be discouraged from visiting you, granting you protection from both the town and other evil threats. This is an excellent fake claim for all evil roles, though because of how often this role is fake claimed, you may still be seen as suspicious, especially towards the end game.

Vigilante – F Tier – The Vigilante is perhaps one of the worst fake claims, as the moment you are asked to shoot someone you will be outed as fake, in which case your only chance of living would be to claim they had protection and then hope once they were hanged that they did actually have protection. This is a bad role to fake claim, except specifically for the Necromancer in a game where a Vigilante has already died, in which case you can use the dead Vigilante to shoot another evil role, hopefully not on your team, therefore ‘proving’ yourself to be a Vigilante. This is a far too niche scenario for Vigilante to classify as D tier, as even in that specific scenario it would often be far better to just claim something else and use the Vigilante as a free additional kill for your team.

Deputy – F Tier – The Deputy is similar to the Vigilante, except that there are 0 scenarios in which you can fake prove yourself to be a Deputy when you aren’t, making Deputy one of the worst roles to fake claim.

Trickster – A Tier – The Trickster is an excellent fake claim as long as you have a teammate who can ‘verify’ that you protected them from an attack, and an enemy role with protection who you can claim you used your absorbed attack on when you or a teammate actually attacked them normally. This makes Trickster a very good role to fake claim as Coven or Neutral Apocalypse and additionally, due to it being a complicated role which was recently changed, many players do not understand how the Trickster actually works, giving you wiggle room if there are discrepancies in your will.

Town Support

Admirer – F Tier – The Admirer is a role which is very similar to a Town Power role in that it can usually publicly prove itself to be true by proposing to a player, who can then verify that you are real. You can fake being in a Toxic Relationship for a day, potentially bringing down someone with you, but once that player has been hanged you will be known as fake.

Amnesiac – S Tier – The Amnesiac is a role which by definition is flexible, allowing you an easy way to fake not having any night 1 results. The only downside is that you have to copy the role of a player who died on night 1, however if none of them are suitable to copy you can simply pivot to a different fake claim since VFA only occurs on day 2.

Retributionist – A Tier – The Retributionist is a complicated role with a wide variety of abilities depending on which players are dead, giving you a massive degree of flexibility. You have an easy excuse for having no results for night 1. Due to being a Town Support role, you aren’t expected to share results daily, giving you precious privacy. However, your Retributionist claim may fall apart if the town asks you to do something specific with a dead player, such as using a Vigilante to shoot someone. The Retributionist is also an excellent fake claim for a Necromancer since you can actually make good on your will when you need to.

Socialite – F Tier – The Socialite is a role which is very publicly known due to its effect, making it impossible to fake claim being one, except for potentially a Necromancer if they were so inclined and one was already dead.

Tavern Keeper – D Tier – The Tavern Keeper has a very niche effect which is only shared by the Poisoner. This makes it an excellent fake claim for a Poisoner, but a terrible one for every other evil role.

Town Power

Due to the public nature of Town Power roles, all Town Power roles are F tier for fake claiming due to obvious reasons.

Neutral Evil

Executioner / Jester – ? Tier – Enigmas among Neutral roles, the Executioner and Jester are actually roles you can fake claim as Coven, since the Town has no reason to kill you except to verify your claim. This means that if there is not a Town Killing role or a Jailor, it is unlikely you will be hanged, potentially making Executioner and Jester useful fake claims in order to divert suspicion away from you, though with the risk of getting you killed immediately. Your claim will fall apart if a Lookout, Tracker, Wildling or Werewolf sees you visit someone, but apart from that, since (as long as you don’t have the Necronomicon) you will appear as suspicious to a Sheriff anyway, these claims can potentially work to save you. These roles are even claimable as Neutral Killing or Apocalypse roles, as long as there isn’t a Sheriff or Investigator that can check your claim. This claim is especially powerful during late-game All-Any matches as a method to divert attention away from yourself, though it is best if you set it up as early as Day 2 or 3. I have put this as ? Tier, as in my mind it is an A/B tier claim, however I know many will disagree with me.


Any Coven Role – D Tier – As strange as it may sound, oftentimes in the endgame of All-Any matches claiming to be Coven can actually be hugely beneficial and a game-winning manoeuvre. Coven are comparatively (with the exception of Ritualist, Witch, Hex Master and Conjurer) weak compared to Neutral Killing and Neutral Apocalypse roles, meaning if you are in an endgame and there are only 3 dead Coven member, claiming to be the last surviving Coven when you are actually a Neutral role can massively impact how the endgame plays out by diverting attention away from you to the other surviving players, potentially giving you one more day to close out the game, especially if you are a powerful killing role such as a Werewolf, Arsonist, Doomsayer, War or Death. Even if there is a surviving Coven member, at least then it will be a 50/50 whether you or them are hanged.

Neutral Killing

Any Neutral Killing role – F Tier – Similar to a fake Coven claim, claiming to be a Neutral Killing role can potentially net you an extra day to survive in a late-game All-Any match. However, because Neutral Killing roles such as Werewolf and Arsonist have the potential to instantly close out the match, you are more likely to be hanged claiming a Neutral Killing role compared to a Coven role, however this option is situationally viable when there is a Coven majority and it’s only you and an Apocalypse role left.

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