Town of Salem 2: How to Master the Trickster Role

Discover the strategies and tactics necessary for effective gameplay as the Trickster, a cunning member of the Town Killing alignment. Learn how to balance your powerful redirection ability while preserving town’s safety, and explore methods to convincingly pose as a Trickster. This comprehensive guide provides everything you need to master this tricky role and lead your town to victory.


Role Information

The Trickster, a deceptive member of the Town Killing alignment, is not equipped with any form of attack or defense immunities. Their specialty lies in their cunning ability to redirect an attack intended for them to another player, essentially tricking the attacker. In a single night, they can mislead multiple assailants, each of whom will be notified of this trickery. Their ultimate goal, like all good townsfolk, is to rid the town of every criminal and evildoer.

Strategy Guide for Playing as a Trickster

Understanding the Trickster Role: As a Trickster, you are one of the town’s unconventional defensive lines. You possess the unique ability to redirect attackers onto other players. However, use this power carefully – you don’t want to inadvertently redirect an attack towards another town member.

Anticipating the Threat: Being a part of the Town Killing faction means you could be a potential target for enemies. Gauge the atmosphere of the game, watch for accusations, and prepare to use your abilities when you suspect an attack might be directed at you.

Communicating with the Town: While you should be cautious about revealing your role, it could be beneficial to communicate effectively with your town members, especially when you have successfully redirected an attack. Sharing this information could provide valuable leads.

Balancing Your Role: Your ability is powerful but can potentially harm other town members if used without discretion. It’s important to strike a balance between self-preservation and ensuring the safety of the town.

Trickster’s Game Log Template

D1: Observations:
N1: Trickery Target (if any):
D2: Observations: / Trickery Target (if any):
N2: Trickery Target (if any) / Result:
D3: Observations: / Trickery Target (if any):
N3: Trickery Target (if any) / Result:

Strategies for Posing as a Trickster

Understanding the Role: To convincingly pose as a Trickster, you must understand the mechanics of the role. Familiarize yourself with the ability to redirect attacks and the outcomes it can lead to.

Creating a Believable Story: Fabricate believable stories for your redirections. Make sure they align with the game’s happenings.

Adapting to Game Events: If an event occurs that contradicts your claim, adapt swiftly. If a player you claimed to redirect an attack towards survives unscathed, you might need to adjust your narrative.

Maintaining Consistency: Ensure your claims are consistent throughout the game. Inconsistent claims could raise suspicion and put your credibility in question.

By keeping these strategies in mind, you can convincingly play the Trickster role or effectively pose as one to mislead your opponents.

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