Undecember: Basic Guide (Quick Start)

All the basic info new players need… in progress



Undecember finally released Global version on Oct 12, 2022 11:00 (UTC+9)


  • good GFX & Audio
  • 100% ONLINE
  • Solo, Raids, PvP
  • Cross-Platform (PC +Mobile)
  • Crossplay (with Floor)
    • mobile: Playstore (Android), Appstore (iOS)

Purpose of this guide is fast reliable info, while keeping it slim.. enjoy ^^


Celebration Attendance: 7day Login

Release-Event (expires after 28days): 7day Festa

% Drop/Rates/Chances

Note: this might change from time to time or during events!!

Runes & Crafting

Runes, Casts, Types, Growth, Enchants

8 RULES – BURN this into your brain^^

  1. Skill Rune: Runes that allow the use of Skills
  2. Link Slot: allows linking ‘Link Runes’ to ‘Skill Runes’
  3. Link Rune: Support rune that adds additional effects to Skill Runes
    -> (IF equipped into a Skill Rune’s Link Slot)
  4. Rune Cast: The GRID which allows equipping Skill, Link Runes and Runestones
  5. Runestone: Support rune that enhances the effect of Skill Runes
  6. Rune Grade: Normal /Magic /Rare /Legendary. Options and power enhanced at higher grades
  7. Skill Slot: Skills can be used by equipping Skill Runes to ‘Skill Slots’ in the Rune Cast
  8. Basic Attack: considered as a ‘Skill Rune’. However, not shown in Bag or Rune Cast.
    • registered into the Skill List and can be equipped into the desired Skill Slot
    • Without ‘Skill Rune’ in center Skill Slot, ‘Basic Attack’ is auto-equipped instead



Weapons, Armors, Accessories and later Charms


Stats (STR /DEX /INT) and Traits (Passives)

Zodiac: https://ud.floor.line.games/en/gameguide/ud/guide/guide7_1.html
Traits: https://ud.floor.line.games/en/gameguide/ud/guide/guide7_2.html

Note: “Reset” is possible via GOLD or Stardust
(-> unlimited Resets until you complete Act2!!)

SHOP + smart investments

Note: Undecember is Free2Play, but ofc has a complex Shop-system

Undecember has no permanent pets.. the whole game generates income by:

  • monthly (re-)purchases (eg: BattlePass, Pet)
  • Events with special stuff (Rewards for loading, etc)
  • SHOP (QoL, Mats, etc)


Pets -temporary- (7days or 28days)

  • AUTO-collect Loot (Itemdrops)
  • allows you to SELL & DISMANTLE while Farming (->Blacksmith replacement)
  • all pets are similar, but vary in appearance (Skin)

Skins / Costumes

  • only change your visual appearance (Skin)
  • divided into Outfit, Helmet, Weapon, Off-hand

Installation + Crossplay

Installation and Size depend on your Platform (PC is best GFX for big monitor)

Crossplay – Account linking:


Useful Links mostly proven and hardened in Korean Version..

Overview +Explanations: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1W_k462Xs1gtdPghVUpJ7k1UwlJbzJAzXloDu6lQAWX4/edit#gid=899489639

All Runes: https://undecember.kr/new_rune.php

More Guides:

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