Unturned: Winter Achievements Guide 2021

Here is a guide on how to get all Winter achievements 10.12.2021.


Unturned Winter Achievements Guide 2021

A Star in the Sky
Power up the Seattle skyline during the winter holiday festivities.
To get this achievement, you need to go to the Washington map and go to the city of Seattle next to the tower there, you will notice a thing that will tell you that you need 4 scrap, 2 chemicals and 6 ice daimond. To get an ice diamond you have to smash blocks of ice from your pickaxe.

when you have all your belongings you go back to that place and pick up the batteries.
then you go to the funicular to the tower

you put the batteries there and you get a gift

Cookie Cook
Try out Sous-Chef Roman’s festive recipe during the winter holiday festivities.
to do this you have to enter the Russia map and go to Liberator to talk to chef Roman to get quest.
then we go to the kitchen where we have to cook cakes

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