Unturned: Cable Modded PvP Guide

This guide will explain everything you need to know about the Cable Modded PvP Unturned Server, and some tips and tricks to help you out!

Server Name: Cable Modded PvP 100X Loot|Vaults|Kits|Shop|Warps
Server Map: Washington
Server IP:
Server Port: 27030



This guide was created for the purpose of helping new players understand all that you can do on Cable Modded PvP, even experienced players may learn a thing or two about the server.

Welcome To Cable Modded PvP. We offer the best modded pvp experience you can find with many mods that were hand-picked to provide the best experience.

We have vaults, spawn protection, a huge list of items in the shop (do /shopinfo ingame), many kits to choose from and much more!

We also have a ranking plugin that allows you to compare your stats to your friends, or enemies!

You will find NO ABUSE and NO PAY2WIN mechanics or donation perks on this server! Come join us today!

Connection Information

Port: 27030
Or Search: Cable Modded
Discord: https://discord.gg/ckyds2n

Feature: Kits

Access the following kits by doing /kit kitname (Example /kit Starter)

Default Kits: XP, Starter, Builder, Rusher, Healing, Sniper, Storage, SMG
Voter Kits: Vote1, Vote2, Vote3

Feature: Vaults

Vaults are like a locker, but in your inventory, items in here are safe from any wipes and players. Store your most valuable items in them

/vault – Opens your vault.
/vaults – View your available vaults.

Feature: Warps

Teleport to the following warps by doing /warp warpname (Example /warp Seattle)

Warps: Military, Seattle, MilitaryGolf, Scorpion, Paradise, Heritage, Military2, Military3, Kennwick, Tacoma, Scorpion2, Everett, Shelton, Rainbridge, Golf

Feature Skills & Statistics

We have a special ranking plugin that allows you to compare your stats to your friends, or enemies!

Stats that are tracked by the plugin

KDR (Kill-Death Ratio) (derived)
Headshots (headshot kills)
Accuracy (headshot kills percentage, derived)
Mega Zombies (includes boss zombies)
Resources (Cutting trees/mining)
Harvests (Plants, Berries, Crops)

Useful Commands
/stats [player] – Check your own or someone else’s stats.

/rank [player] – Check your own or someone else’s rank on the server.
/ranking – Allows you to see the top three highest ranked players on the server.

/display – Toggles on and off the UI

Feature: Spawn Protection

Server Commands

You can use various commands on the server. Access them by opening the chat and type what is shown below

/tpa playername – Send a tpa request to a player of your choice.
/tpa accept – Accept a tpa request.
/tpa deny – Deny a tpa request.
/warp warpname – Teleport to various locations on the map (Warp names are listed above).
/kit kitname – Gain a variety of items (Kit names are listed above).
/kits – View all of the available kits on the server.
/home – Allows you to teleport to your placed bed.
/vote – Vote for the server and receive rewards.
/reward – Receive a reward for voting.
/vault – Access your own private vault.
/vaults – View your available vaults.
/discord – Opens a link to the discord server. (/discord)[discord.gg]
/steam – Opens a link to our steam group.
/mods – View all of the server’s workshop mods.
/workshop – View all of the server’s workshop mods.
/apply – Opens the form that you can use to apply for staff.
/staff – Opens the form that you can use to apply for staff.


Zombies can spawn at all locations on the map, including some hidden areas.

Killing a normal zombie will drop a large variety of loot depending on the area it was killed.

Workshop Mods

Link To Steam Collection

The Survivor Pack
Created by BlueFireExplosion

Toxicity Backpacks [Original]
Created by Esenyn

Industrial Horde Beacon [v3.01]
Created by iDrmzIt

420’s Classic Vanilla Expansion BIG NEW MOD 2021
Created by 420DankMeister

Sly’s MK-182 AMR
Created by Slycooper1177

Special Forces Pack (+3.28)
Created by [NDK] DIE_(=

Larger Lockers Mod (Unity 2017)
Created by cartman-2000

XtremelyEvil Spawns
Created by XtremelyEvilGumDrop

XtremelyEvil Vanilla Weapons Mod
Created by XtremelyEvilJuiceBox

Mega Lockers [UNITY 2017]
Created by TheCubicNoobik

Oldie Firearm Pack
Created by Dogfood

Leprechan’s Vanilla Vehicles (Update 1.1.0) [2017.4.X Updated]
Created by Leprechaun12

More Farming Mod
Created by Dogfood

[Unity 2017.4] Negotiator Minigun
Created by Vilespring

Nordic Studios™ | Nordic Armory 3.0 [3.28+] | Specialist Update
Created by BroXn

Lin’s Armory+ v1.11 [Spawn naturally]
Created by Lin_Ain

Sly’s Hellfire Gun pack
Created by Slycooper1177

Wind Cars 2.0
Created by Tiway

Nordic 3.0 Washington Spawn Tables (Abandoned)
Created by Sensei

Storm’s Gunbox 3.28
Created by StormEagle

Vittore´s Modern Warfare Collection
Created by EnzoVittore

ItemSupply [UNITY 2017]
Created by Khroz

ItemStacking [UNITY 2017]
Created by Khroz

AmmoCraft [UNITY 2017]
Created by Khroz

Furniture Expansion
Created by Letgalian

Pento’s Tactical Apparel
Created by Pento

Created by STEVE (스티브)

PlayerStats UI
Created by Arechi

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