Unturned: How to Create Private Server

A step by step guide how to create private server unturned using hamachi in order to play with your friends.


First step is to download steamcmd app and hamachi [www.vpn.net].

Setting up hamachi
To make server work you need to set up your hamachi. Log in and create “a network” in hamachi app. While creating network note your network name and its password (the ones you created) (you need to give it to your friend).

Setting up steamcmd
Zip file of steamcmd you downloaded has to be extracted to a folder called “steamcmd” which you need to create on doesn’t matter what hard drive (example: D:\steamcmd). After that start steamcmd.exe, you are going to see cmd console. Wait until everything loads and type in “login anonymous” and next “app_update 1110390”, wait until everything loads and type “shutdown”.

Creating a server
1. Go to “(letter of your hard drive where you put your steamcmd folder):\steamcmd\steamapps\common\U3DS”.
2. Create shortcut of “ExampleServer.bat” and rename it to “Run my server”.
3. Edit content of “ExampleServer.bat” (by note or notepad) to “start “” “%~dp0ServerHelper.bat” +InternetServer/UnturnedServer” and save.
4. Drag your previously made shortcut to desktop and launch it. After everything loads type in “shutdown”
5. Go to “(letter of your hard drive where you put your steamcmd folder):\steamcmd\steamapps\common\U3DS\Servers\UnturnedServer\Server” and edit “Commands.dat” like shown:

Obviously you can change maps, difficulty modes and add other commands how you like.
This might help.[nodecraft.com]

Joining server
1. Start “Run my server” wait until server loads and do not shut down it.
2. Make sure that you and your friend/friends are in the network which you created on hamachi.
3. Copy your IPv4 addres and send it to your friend.
4. Go to “connect” option in game.
5. In the “ip box” paste your IPv4 adress.
6. Don’t change port.
Your friend has to do the same.
PS: After you stop playing on your server just shut it down with “shutdown” command.

Thanks to scuba diving 4 life for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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