Unturned: A6 Polaris Base Guide

A guide in which you can learn how to make a base on the polaris map, maybe you already know but it is always good to have a guide for this.   First Steps 1) First of all you will need a backpack to carry your tools. 2) Get Some food 3) Get materiales to … Read more

Unturned: How to Fix Workshop Errors & Other Errors

In this guide, you will see how to fix your “irritating” workshop errors such as the “Asset bundle error: “bundlename” version mismatch”, “Asset Bundle Error: 4 of 5 installed”.   How to unsubscribe First of all, open steam. Click on your steam name. Click on Workshop Items. Click on Subscribed items. Click Unsubscribe From All. … Read more

Unturned: Cable Modded PvP Guide

This guide will explain everything you need to know about the Cable Modded PvP Unturned Server, and some tips and tricks to help you out! Server Name: Cable Modded PvP 100X Loot|Vaults|Kits|Shop|Warps Server Map: Washington Server IP: Server Port: 27030   Introduction This guide was created for the purpose of helping new players understand … Read more

Unturned: Winter Achievements Guide 2021

Here is a guide on how to get all Winter achievements 10.12.2021.   Unturned Winter Achievements Guide 2021 A Star in the Sky Power up the Seattle skyline during the winter holiday festivities. To get this achievement, you need to go to the Washington map and go to the city of Seattle next to the … Read more

Unturned Color Codes (Items, Materials and Creatures)

A comprehensive guide of the colors used in Unturned in RGB and hexadecimal. Guide contains item rarities, map grasses and materials and other miscellaneous colors.   Item Rarities Name RGB Hex Common rgb(255,255,255) #FFFFFF Uncommon rgb(31,135,31) #1F871F Rare rgb(75,100,200) #4B64C8 Epic rgb(150,75,250) #964BFA Legendary rgb(200,50,250) #C832FA Mythical rgb(250,50,25) #FA3219 Materials Material RGB Hex PEI Grass … Read more

Unturned: How to Set a Main Group

Quick guide on how to set a main group for characters in Unturned.   Preface This guide assumes you have already joined the steam group you wish to use as a main group. If not then do so. In game groups and steam groups aren’t the exact same in the sense of who can join … Read more

Unturned: Escape from Unturnov II Guide

All the information you need about Escape from Unturnov II in Unturned.   Loot Containers Loot Tables – Drawers : Content: Supply Items (Metal Scrap, Metal Bars, Wires, Bricks & Car Batteries) Cooldown: 120 seconds (2 minutes) – Jackets : Content: Supply Items (Metal Scrap, Metal Bars, Wires, Bricks & Car Batteries) Cooldown: 120 seconds … Read more

Unturned: Basic Controls

Basic controls for Unturned. ===================== This are the default controls. ===================== > Move up (W) > Move down (S) > Move left (A) > Move right (D) > Inventory (G/I) > Night vision/Head lantern (N) > Change camera mode (H) – First and Third person mode. > Run (Shift) > Crouch (CTRL) > Emotes (Press … Read more

Unturned: How to Create Private Server

A step by step guide how to create private server unturned using hamachi in order to play with your friends.   Organization First step is to download steamcmd app and hamachi [www.vpn.net]. Setting up hamachi To make server work you need to set up your hamachi. Log in and create “a network” in hamachi app. While creating network note … Read more