Unturned: A6 Polaris Base Guide

A guide in which you can learn how to make a base on the polaris map, maybe you already know but it is always good to have a guide for this.


First Steps

1) First of all you will need a backpack to carry your tools.
2) Get Some food
3) Get materiales to build the base, wood, metal scrap etc.
4) get some storage like wooden crates or some metal lockers.
5) build your base in a hidden place
6) try to not get raided.

useful information
Metal scrap
Armored scrap


#1 Wood

You can find axes everywhere but this two places are the most common
you will find them like this

all wooden structures have 600hp

#2 Metal

First Mine is on A2 Under the bridge:

Second Mine and the biggest one is on F3 under the bridge:

You can find pickaxes on the mine like this:

All Scrap structures have 1200hp:

3# Armored

To make armored structures first you will need some scrap structures and some armored plates, you can find these in random barrel around the whole map, airdrops and killing zombies on the deadzone.
All armored structures have 2400hp:

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