Warhammer Vermintide 2: Support Mercenary Build

Guide to my personal support oriented Mercenary build.


Not Optimal

This is just a really fun build I want to share, its not some optimal super duper be-as-powerful-as-possible build.



Explanation behind the build


Mace & Sword
– Block Cost Reduction – Its gud
– Attack Speed – Used over Crit Chance because we are using Helborg’s Tutelage.
– Resourceful Combatant – Used along side Helborg’s Tutelage to reduce Cooldown Greatly.

Repeater Handgun
– Power vs Infantry – DMG vs Specials
– Power vs Skaven – DMG vs Specials
– Conservative Shooter – Its gud

– Stamina – Used instead of Block Cost Reduction because we aren’t using Stamina Recharge. It allows for more push attacks.
– Health – Its gud
– Boon of Shallya – Used instead of Barkskin because the goal is to build and lose THP as much as possible.

– Attack Speed – Its gud
– Power vs Infantry – Horde Clearing
– Proxy – Its gud

– Cooldown Reduction – More THP for allies.
– Curse Resistance – Its gud
– Explosive Ordnance – You can switch this out with Shrapnel if you like.


Drillmaster – THP for hitting multiple enemies as a horde clearer is a no brainer.
Helborg’s Tutelage – Consistent crits activates Resourceful Combatant for faster ability recharge.
Mainstay – Again, obvious choice as a horde clearer.
Strike Together – SUPPORT!
Blade Barrier – Arguably the best option.
Walk it Off – Also Arguably the best option, also stacks nicely with Blade Barrier.

Adjustments for Cata

Replace the Necklaces Stamina with Block Cost Reduction.
Replace the Trinkets Curse Resistance with Stamina Recovery.


The Playstyle? ITS SIMPLE! Just take a look at this chart.

(If you didn’t know, hitting enemies and losing health recharges the ability bar.)

1: Hit things.
2: Take damage.
3: Use ability.

Fun fact, if you use this efficiently enough, your able to build THP for you allies faster then it naturally degrades. Effectively making it no longer degrade.

Similar to Zealot, you can use a medkit on someone else to remove your wound if you go down! Works great because your just gunna waste the health anyway.

Use your Damage Taken metric at the end of the mission to gauge how well you are doing. If you take over 1000 damage without going down, ya did gud!

Basic Weapon Tips

Mace & Sword
I suggest the combo, Light, Light, Cancel (Tap Block), Repeat for horde clearing, and the Combo, Heavy, Cancel, Repeat for Elite damage.

Repeater Handgun
Save this for Specials.
Crouching increases accuracy.
It can be drawn and fired almost instantly.

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