Wizard of Legend: Achievements Guide 100%

100% Achievement guide for a severely underrated rogue-like.



1. Forward To The Past – Complete The Tutorial


The next 4 achievements all pertain to defeating one of the 6 major bosses of the game. Some important information:
– 2 of these bosses, the Air-Based boss and the Electric-Boss(es) both don’t have achievements associated with their defeat.
– Each run has three different bosses you need to defeat before reaching Sura. These bosses are randomized and will increase in difficulty throughout the run. Difficulty is amped up over time both in the damage that the boss deals, as well how many attacks they use before giving you an opportunity to attack back. The first boss does three attacks, the second does four, five for the third, and then Master Sura always uses 6 attacks, one from each element and a chaos-based attack.
– When a boss stops attacking, and then you begin the combo, they won’t begin attacking again until a decent way into your combo. However, if you wait too long to start the combo, they will begin attacking before you can hit them.
– Each of your elemental attacks is strong or weak based on the type of enemy you’re attacking.
The order is fairly intuitive, but listed below if needed.

Water –> Fire –> Air –> Earth –> Lighting –>

This means that Water attacks do increased damage against fire enemies, but decreased damage against lightning enemies.

2. Feel The Burn – Defeat Flame Empress Zeal

Flame Empress Zeal of course is the fire biome boss, and I believe one of the more difficult bosses. Using water spells will deal increased damage, and with this fight it’s important to always be moving, but not necessarily dashing. All of her attacks can be dodged from long range while at running speed, and you only really need to dash away when she dashes towards you. Otherwise position yourself across the arena from her and take opportunities to attack when she breaks from her onslaught.

3. Party Like A Rock Star – Defeat Earth Lord Atlas

I believe this to be the easiest of the main bosses in this game, although there are a couple attacks that can cause issues. It’s also best to play far away from this boss, because the majority of his attacks are long ranged, but very slow. Make sure to avoid his drill attack because if you get caught, he’ll do lots of damage to you.

4. Breaking The Ice – Defeat Frost Queen Freya

This boss is fairly average in difficulty, but must be addressed slightly differently from the other bosses. Freya has an attack where she shoots beams perpendicular to herself in the arena, and then moves the beams across in opposite directions until they create a straight line. In order to dodge this, you have to position yourself behind Freya. Luckily there is plenty of time to dash behind her as the beam moves somewhat slowly.

5. Wizard Of Legend – Defeat Master Sura

The final boss of the game, Master Sura, can be rather challenging to defeat. As mentioned before, he uses 6 different attacks before providing with you an opening to strike back, and will not stand entirely still like the other bosses so far. After the sixth attack, he will dash away one time, so make sure not to lock yourself into any attack animations before the dash or he will begin attacking your before you attack him.

By the time you reach the final floor where you find Sura, you should have a fairly solid build, so unless you see some relic that will help your specific build immensely, focus on healing to full health. Note that just before reaching the boss, there will be a crystal for healing just like the one before the other main elemental bosses. That, coupled with the healing potion from the green shop should give you enough HP to tank a few hits in the fight.

It will likely take a few attempts to get this fight down because of the sheer variety of attacks he has, but in general, make sure to dash away from attacks, parallel to Sura, or dash away in the same direction he moves when lunging at you.


6. The Turn – Unlock 50 Arcana

After entering the courtyard, there will be a book on the right that sells arcana for a few chaos gems. Over the course of your runs, save up chaos gems and begin to purchase arcana that seem interesting to you!

7. Heart Of The Cards – Unlock 99 Arcana

Simply keep buying arcana until you get this achievement. It’s worth noting that there are more than 99 arcana in total, so don’t worry about buying every single one. If there’s a specific spell you want, save and purchase that one, but if not, just buy the cheapest one whenever possible.

8. Indie Collector – Unlock 50 Relics

This achievement is effectively the same as the arcana achievement, this time the shop is on the left side of the courtyard once you enter. Because you can only take one relic into each run, it’s less important to pick a wide variety because most of your relics will be collected during the run. I would recommend only buying the cheapest relics, unless you see the treasure map. That relic will be important for the speedrun achievement later.

9. All The Things – Unlock 99 Relics

The same as the arcana achievement, there are also more than 99 relics for you to purchase so don’t worry about collecting them all.

10. I Make This Look Good – Unlock 9 Outfits

On the top right of the courtyard is a cabinet that sells outfits to you. The outfits you purchase don’t really matter, other than the Shift and Avarice outfits. Shift helps with the speedrun, and Avarice helps with gem gain.

11. Ordered Chaos – Unlock 3 Chaos Arcana

This achievement essentially just means you need to beat Master Sura three times. Upon defeating him, you’ll be awarded with a new chaos arcana. These spells are incredibly powerful and certainly worth experimenting with as you unlock them.


12. Best Friends Forever – Enter The Chaos Trials In Co-Op

This achievement can be done in one of two ways. Either enter the trials in Co-Op as the achievement states, or, to complete the mission solo, you can equip the Friendship Bracelet relic before your run and then enter the trials to claim your reward.

13. ULTRAAAAA – Land A 50 Hit Combo On Any Boss

Most likely, this achievement will come as you play through the game, but if you’re struggling with this, I would recommend finding a build that allows you to basic attack quickly and uninterrupted, as well as a signature arcana that inflicts multiple hits with one full cast. The build listed in the speedrun achievement below section should work well for this.

14. Flawless Victory – Defeat A Boss Without Taking Damage

This achievement will come with practice, and most likely while fighting Atlas, Freya or Zeal. The other bosses are more difficult to defeat hit-less because of the way their hitboxes work, so I wouldn’t stress about trying to beat them without taking damage.

15. Happy Birthday – Defeat Taffy 5 Times

One of the variations of the Red Shop on each floor that can spawn is the pinata called Taffy. To defeat Taffy, you have to kill him quickly without breaking your combo before he respawns with all of his health. Ideally, you have all 6 arcana slots filled, and are able to activate a full charge of your signature aracana. Chaining all of these attacks together should be enough to defeat Taffy and collect his innards, regardless of what arcana and relics you have. Simply defeat him across 5 different runs and the achievement will be yours!

16. Iconoclast – Destroy 99 Paintings

This is a bit of an odd task, but easy to complete none the less. While traversing the chaos trials, you will encounter paintings both on stands and on the walls throughout each floor. Hit these with a spell or basic attack do destroy them. You can probably get this achievement done over the course of 3-5 runs, or on accident if you don’t go out of your way to destroy them quickly.

17. Truly Outrageous – Hold 999 Chaos Gems At Once

I recommend not going for this achievement until you’ve bought enough arcana to make a few builds you’re satisfied with, but afterwards it’s fairly straightforward. Equip the Gem Finder relic before your run, as well the Avarice outfit, both of which increase the amount of gems you find while playing through a run. Make sure to explore the entirety of each stage to maximize gem gain. It’ll take a different number of runs for each person, but will certainly happen as long as you don’t spend gems as you collect!

18. Danger Is My Middle Name – Hold 4 Cursed Relics

This achievement is actually deceptively easy to pick up because of the relic Nox’s Cloak. Nox’s Cloak, which replaces all currently held non-cursed relics with random cursed relics, can be found in the red shop that gives you a free cursed relic. It is worth noting that this method does require that you hold at least three other relics at the time you pick up the cloak. There’s also no need to win the run or defeat any boss to grab this achievement, it should be granted to you as soon as you pick up the fourth relic using whatever method you choose.

19. Gotta Go Fast – Clear Chaos Trials in 25 Minutes

The final and most difficult achievement is certainly this speedrun. While 25 minutes is more than enough time if you’re making an effort to complete a run quickly, it will limit the amount of time you can spend on each stage. Here are my suggestions for completing this run:

– While you can likely make a number of different builds work, the one I found to be most effective was this one:

The Shift outfit gives you stat bonus that make it easier to breeze through levels and bosses.

The Map relic will show you a full layout of every floor, allowing you to easily make your way to the boss on each stage.

The main strategy with this build is to activate the fire damage boost and then rapidly attack with your basic attack. This increases your damage delt from all other spells, allowing you to do big damage very quickly

When your signature arcana is fully charged, unleash it on your enemies

– Before taking on the mini boss on each floor, make sure to clear out enough of the other enemies to decrease the number of highlighted skulls on the grave in the middle of the arena. Each skull increases the number of enemies you’ll have to manage in addition to the boss on each stage, so you’ll want to make sure you get rid of one of them before fighting the boss. Taking out more on each stage will likely end up causing you to spend too long on each floor to complete the run in time.

– Visit Red and Green shops. The red ones can provide you with a free relic, or they could give you the opportunity to take down Taffy for some loot. I would not recommend trading in any of the arcana in your main build, if you’re using the one outlined in this guide. At the green shop, purchase health potions, or any relics that are both cheap, and high value. For example, with this build, the Water Bottle is great, because it doesn’t cost much and impacts the majority of your spells. Visiting the purple shop tends to not help as much because without clearing all of each floor, you won’t have the money to purchase anything useful, and you get one free arcana after each elemental boss.

– Always take the arcana after each elemental boss, and find a way to weave these attacks into your normal spell cycle.

– If you’re really struggling to get a run off the ground, make sure you’re fighting the boss that matches up with your elemental spells as best as possible. With my build, make sure you’re fighting Flame Empress Zeal at some point, preferably later in the run when you’ve grown in power.

– Always buy health from the shop before Sura. At the end of the run, there really isn’t anything more helpful than increased health. Master Sura is a difficult boss and his attacks can sometimes chain together in a frustrating way. Being able to tank a few hits could be the difference between winning and losing a run.


That concludes the guide! The achievements in this game are all reasonable in a way that someone can complete them without dedicating weeks on end to mastering the game. It’ll definitely take a little bit of time and practice to get to the level to do some of the harder achievements, but nothing absurd. Completing all of the achievements in this game also doesn’t mean that you’ve seen everything the game has to offer. There are a plethora of spells combinations and outfits to choose from that make the game feel fresh every single time your enter the trials. I highly recommend continuing your journey through the chaos trials if you enjoyed, but otherwise, best of luck with your 100% and leave questions in the comments if you have any!

Thanks to DoughnutBandit for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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