Wrought Flesh: All Bosses Guide

Step by step guide to kill different bosses.
Includes both “normal” ways and cheesy ways.



  • Spoilers for the boss fights ahead, don’t scroll down too much if you want to avoid spoilers.
  • If a boss is too tough, just change the difficulity to “Easy” or “Invulnerable”. Former makes bosses have less HP, and latter makes them have even less HP + you don’t take damage. There’s no point in trying over and over again if you’re not having fun (in my opinion).
  • In my experience the autosave can be janky (e.g. won’t ‘reload’ an organ after you lose it) so try to use manual saves instead.

First Boss

Main Strategy

Once you enter the boss room, immideately turn right or left and climb one of the peaks/high grounds you see. On your way there, run perpendicular to the worm’s attacking angle and try to slide as much as you can to avoid getting eaten.
Heres two of the peaks to the left

View from above

When you stand on a peak, the worm will be less accurate when targeting you, and you can easily slide down for a quick dodge.


If you think this is too cheesy, the alternative way to beat the boss is to grab a bunch of lungs and run around while shooting it. Use the sattelite debris to your advantage as the worm will not track you on them.

Do not try to be greedy when waiting for the right time to slide down- when there’s only ~30% of the jump length left, you can no longer hurt the worm.

You can only hurt him in its face for the first 70% of the jump. Aim for the two panel things next to his mouth, instead of directly in his mouth (unlike what you see in the gif). The mouth is a smaller target and they all deal the same damage anyway.

For weapons, use the SMG or the shotgun. Other weapons are useless or inefficient.

If you run out of ammo, you’re in tough luck because all the ammo is around the middle of the map and you’re likely to die on your way. If you must, look near the sattelite debris.

Getting extra lungs will help you if you’re having a hard time. Frethem’s (Sh*theim chief) quests will grant you rabbit lungs which are a good alternative to regular or box lungs since they take up less space.

Second Boss

Laser Guided Spinecat
Main Strategy

This is a really cheesy strat so check notes if you wanna beat it normally.
The pillar that’s to the far-right-corner (relative to the enterance) has a blind spot that you can use to kill this boss.
Rough diagram:

How it looks when you’re in the zone:

Once you find this spot, you can kill the boss easily as it won’t attack you. If you get too close or move around too much, it absolutely will however. So be careful and don’t get greedy. Remember to load back to your manual save if you die, not the autosave.


If you find this too cheesy, here’s how to beat the boss the normal way;

  • Go in circles around all the pillars. They’re there to help you, and going in circles around all of them (i.e. following the perimeter of the room) seems to be a good way of utilising them.
  • Keep jumping. The boss cannot jump so you’re safe while in the air.
  • Get a lot of fat. This boss is really fast anyway so instead of lungs and intestines get loads of fats and hearts to tank as many hits as possible.

Which weapon you use doesn’t matter too much on this fight if you’re doing the cheese strat. I find that the shotgun is the most efficient (but needs a good angle) but the SMG is safer.

For non-cheese, I find that the explosive weapons arent reliable enough since the boss is so fast. SMG and shotgun are the safest bet. I haven’t tried using the fleshy gun with the flies.

Third Boss

Main Strategy

This one’s pretty simple because there’s really only one way to kill this dude, and that’s using KF (killf*ck).
In the prep room, get the old shotgun and the grenade launcher, although the shotgun alone will suffice. For organs get two of bamboo hearts. Make sure you’re carrying 5 KFs, although you’ll probably just need 3 or 4.
When you enter the room, move behind her and use KF. Immideately unload your shotgun on her and start moving for cover while she turns around to shoot you. As you move for cover, you can pull out your grenade launcher and try to get a shot off. Don’t go for two as you will lose a lot of HP.
While in cover, reload your grenade launcher if you used it. Pull it out if you haven’t. Use KF again once you know where’s she’s coming from, and jump out.
Shoot her with the grenades. Make sure you’re either above or behind her. Aim for the surfaces next to her (windows, walls, floor), don’t waste your time trying for airshots. As your KF runs out, get in cover again and reload. Repeat this until she’s dead.

You may get lucky and kill her in 2 grenades.

As I said the grenade launcher isn’t actually necessary, but it does make it a bit easier.


Don’t forget to get the minigun for the next room.

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