A New Dawn: Supporter Codes & Skip Scene Codes

A New Dawn is an 18+ game with tons of scenes and if you’re stuck on one scene, you may need the cheat codes to help you. Here, we will cover all codes.


All Supporter Codes & Skip Scene Codes

Skull code is now the Supporter code. Which will allow you to provide yourself with infinite food and gold. So that you can turn off hunger in-game.

Updated for the latest version 4.4.4

Cheat Codes

  • Supporter Code: 20005981
  • Skip Scene Code: 4532

Note: The cheat codes will not change with the game versions, which means these cheat codes will also work for the future version.

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Where to Enter the Code?

Find the “cheat” items in your key items tab in the menu. remember that the cheat-skull is in the “KEY ITEMS” inventory, not the casual inventory. the inv. option to the right

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