Apex Legends: What’s New in Season 13 Ranked Mode

Very often, the launch of a new season is the occasion for Respawn to make important changes on Apex Legends. This season is no exception to the rule and we will be entitled to a lot of changes, especially on the ranked mode.

Until now, days starting in the ranked games of Apex Legends were in the bronze division. This made the Bronze division the starting division, as well as the division for the less comfortable players in the game, which was not a good fit for Respawn.

So, at the launch of Season 13, a new rank appeared, Novice. This is the rank where all new players start in ranked games and it will be impossible to get demoted there afterwards. This allows bronze to become a division again for the less comfortable players.

At the same time, new players can be sure to start in a division that itself only contains new players. Therefore the bronze rank now has a PC move that has been introduced to play it.

The other problem that Respawn had with the Apex Legends ranked games was that some players were stuck in a rank without necessarily being able to get out of it. So, to allow these players to get back on track, a relegation system was put in place.

This system is simple, when you arrive in a rank, you have a protection of 3 games which prevents you from being relegated whatever your results. But if you don’t make it, you will be relegated directly to half the rank below.


The goal of Apex Legends is survival, so Respawn has made sure to lower the PC gain when you do them before you get to tenth place. They’re still viable, but the most interesting thing is now survival to get the most points.

Finally, the CP modifiers that are tied to mastery level on frags have been toned down. In short, in this season 13, eliminating a lower level player now grants a little less CP than in the previous season for example.

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