Apex Legends: Weapon Tier List (Season 11)

Here is the weapon tier list for Apex Legends season 11.



SS-Tier: Weapons that are included in the Supply Drop, pre-equipped with attachments and hop ups.

S-Tier: Weapon selections that we are confident in, regardless of what your teammates choose.

A- Tier: Top-tier weapons regardless of early, mid, and late picks.

B-Tier: Weapons that are serviceable and can have an impact on a match if they are used correctly, but can be replaced if better weapons are found.

C-Tier: Never main weapons but useful enough to be a secondary.

D-Tier: You better use melee.

SS Tier

Alternator: As of Apex Legends Season 10, the Alternator has transitioned from an early-game SMG to a true late-game terror. It can now be found in care packages and, thanks to the return of Disruptor Rounds, it will instantly melt enemy shields. In the late game, it can even outperform assault rifles when it comes to tearing through enemies.

G7 Scout: G7 Scout has been introduced as a replacement for the Triple Take, which has been removed from Supply Drop this season. The Scout enters the Supply Drop with its old friend, the Double-Tap Trigger. Damage also increased from 34 to 36.If you master this weapon, you’re guaranteed to win every single gunfight.

Kraber .50 Cal: Kraber uses Supply Drop Sniper Ammo. It is a Supply Drop Weapon and cannot be equipped with foreign ammo. It includes 8 backup rounds and a 6x-10x Variable Sniper scope. It is a beast in Apex Legends since it can 1 shot down anyone if you hit their head.

M600 Spitfire: This weapon’s biggest advantage is its high damage model. If you can hit your shots, this gun will kill just about as fast as anything else in the game. In season 11, the most powerful version of the M600 Spitfire’s remains included in the care package, so you can expect this difficult-to-find weapon to absolutely dominate the battlefield.

S Tier

C.A.R. SMG: In a dangerous situation, you need a dangerous, flexible weapon: the C.A.R. SMG. The Combat Advanced Round submachine gun is fully automatic and accepts either Light or Heavy mags. This hybrid weapon is the best of both worlds for when you’re ready to take a stand and become the island’s most dangerous thing.

Eva-8: The Eva-8 Auto Shotgun is the best shotgun in the game. This fully automatic shotgun features high dps and is pretty common shotgun to find on the ground, so you might find yourself picking it up often in the early game. This gun is a favorite among Apex pros, and for good reason.

VK-47 Flatline: The Flatline has been one of the most powerful guns in Apex Legends for several seasons now. This rifle is the closest to a standard assault rifle as you can get in this game. It has relatively high recoil, but once you learn how to control it you will be surprised at the distances you can down enemies at in a single clip. At medium and long-range this gun can shred, and it is definitely one of the best weapons to pick up on Season 11.

R-301 Carbine: The R-301 is one of the most popular rifles in Apex Legends, in part because it is a great balance between easy to control and high damage. While it won’t be quite as good at longer-range as something like the Flatline, it can hold its own at close range and medium range with no issues. If you are looking for a fun, easy-to-control rifle that can just tear through your enemy, the R-301 Carbine might be a good weapon to run with.

R-99: The R-99 is another strong weapon in Season 11. While it has seen its fair share of nerfs, this gun is an absolute monster in short-range. With only 20 bullets in the standard magazine, however, you are going to want to make every shot count when you can. This weapon definitely favors the bold and the accurate and it makes for a very strong early game weapon where everyone is running around on limited shields.

Triple Take: The Triple Take uses energy ammo and deals 69 damage to the body and 138 damage to the head, but you can charge it by aiming-down-sights so it does more damage.Because of the spread,it can be used as a shotgun in CQB. This is a very capable weapon when in the right hands.

A Tier

L-Star: The L-Star is an energy ammo EMG that doesn’t have to reload but can overheat if used without a rest for too long. While this gun lacks the precision of some of its longer-range counterparts, it kills very quickly and reliably at medium and short-range, especially once you get used to its slow bullet velocity. As a bonus, it is pretty strong firing from the hip in close-range. The biggest downside is that visibility is pretty limited on this gun with standard iron sights.

Peacekeeper: Perhaps Apex Legends’ most unique weapon, the Peacekeeper works as a shotgun from the hip, but when you aim-down-sites and charge the bullets it turns into a more accurate projectile weapon that can operate at medium distances. It is a unique proposition for a weapon, but this jack of all trades isn’t the most reliable gun either. If used correctly this weapon can be a beast.

Volt SMG: The Volt is definitely one of the best short to medium-range weapons in Apex. It has a very easy-to-control recoil pattern, so it ends up working as a laser and it has the best iron sights in the whole game. Just keep in mind, it loses effectiveness quickly at longer ranges due to its somewhat difficult to manage recoil.

Wingman: The Wingman pistol is more powerful than you would expect a pistol to be. Since the first season of Apex Legends, this pistol has been a viable option for taking fights at a variety of ranges. Season 11 is no exception, as the Wingman pistol remains a very strong weapon pick up in Apex, with some players even taking the pistol to the very end of the match.

Sentinel: The Sentinel is arguably the best sniper rifle that can be found on the ground in Apex Legends season 11. This gun boasts a power 140 damage headshot that, admittedly, pales in comparison to the 435 damage headshots put out by the Kraber .50-Cal, but is still quite respectable. Don’t expect to one-shot anyone with the Sentinel, but it’s one of the best bolt-action snipers that you can use in Apex Legends season 11.

B Tier

Prowler Burst PDW: The Prowler Burst PDW is a submachine gun that is looking decent in Season 11. This gun dominated the first few weeks of Season 10, before fading in the meta down to the mid-tier. You can definitely make this burst gun work for you, especially if you are on controller where the Prowler excels due to the interaction of aim-assist with this gun’s hip-fire in close-range fights.

Bocek Compound Bow: Bocek Compound Bow is its own kind of sniper, and the people who are good with this weapon swear by it. This marksman weapon uses arrows that are scattered on the ground, and it is capable of up to 105 damage per headshot if you are accurate. It doesn’t have the fastest time to kill and features a slow but steady rate of fire, but for those who master the Bocek Compound Bow it can be surprisingly effective.

Rampage LMG: Rampage LMG has settled into the B-Tier since its release. This gun dominates at longer ranges because it has very easy to control recoil. The biggest downside to the Rampage is that it does struggle in closer ranges, a lot. Its slow rate of fire makes it difficult to outgun pretty much any shorter-range weapon. You can upgrade this gun using a thermite grenade, which dramatically increases its fire rate for a limited amount of time. In this upgraded state, it is probably closer to A-Tier or S-Tier, so keep that in mind.

Hemlock: Hemlock has a relatively high damage model, but its forced burst mode ruins it. While the Hemlock has a demographic of players who love running around with heavy ammo burst rifles, most players would be better off picking up a Flatline or an R301 instead. All that being said, if the Hemlock is the only rifle you have access to, it’s still perfectly usable if you can play around its slow fire rate.

C Tier

30-30 Repeater: The 30-30 repeater is usable but highly limited. It has a relatively low damage model but a respectable fire rate that can make it situationally useful, if you can consistently hit your shots with it under pressure.

Devotion LMG: The devotion speeds up its fire rate the longer you fire it. This mechanic is kind of cool and even fun to use sometimes. While this LMG is not best pick, if you need a medium-range weapon and can’t find a non-energy option, the Devotion LMG is plenty capable.

Mastiff Shotgun: The Mastiff shotgun is not the worst shotgun in the game, but it’s also not the best. It is capable of dealing some serious raw damage up close, but it’s also somewhat inconsistent. There is a hop-up for the Mastiff in Season 11, allowing the Mastiff to reload two bullets at a time, but it’s not enough to make this gun more desirable than the other shotguns.

Longbow DMR: The Longbow DMR has a low DPS potential and low headshot damage for a sniper rifle. The only thing it has going for it is its fire rate, but if that is what you are looking for then it’s better to run the flatline. I don’t see much of a reason to use the Longbow unless you just can’t find another rifle.

Charge Rifle: The Charge Rifle has seen multiple nerfs over its lifetime, leaving it as a bit of a C-tier mess in Apex Legends season 11. It’s debatably the worst sniper rifle in the game right now and it should be avoided when possible. That said, it’s still a pretty fun and unique weapon.

Havoc: There was a time when the Havoc was dangerous in Apex Legends, but that time was many seasons ago. Today’s Havoc has the same issues with charge-up as the Devotion LMG and is outclassed by most other close-range weapons. If you are planning to use a close-range energy weapon, the Volt is a much better choice.

RE-45: You can argue whether the RE-45 belongs in Tier-C or Tier-D, but we know that it is a low-tier gun. This machine pistol is another gun that you pick up as your first weapon, then throw away at the first opportunity. This gun can work in short-range or in a pinch, but its low-tier for sure.

D Tier

Mozambique: It’s better than not having a gun, and it’s better than having a P2020 sometimes, but neither of those things is saying much. This shotgun is useless outside of anything but the closest range fights.

P2020: It’s bad, okay? It’s the token “normalish pistol” in the game and it’s only here to make the other guns look more powerful. Yes, it can kill people if you hit them with bullets, but that is about it.

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