Apex Legends: Changes to Storm Zone Guide (Season 13)

For a few minutes now, a brand new season of Apex Legends has been added. If we don’t have a new map on the program for this season 13, we will still have changes to Storm Zone that we invite you to discover in this article.



Let’s be clear, the main evolution of the Storm Zone map is obviously The slain creature which has become a brand new point of interest for players. On site, you will be able to find the corpse of a huge sea creature on a beach.

Although Respawn has told us through the lore that this carcass will disappear in the future, for the moment it is there and it becomes in itself a whole new area that players will be able to explore during their games.

One of the strengths of this area is that not only is there quality loot, but on top of that, this location is located at the crossroads of three important areas of the map, North Springboard, Checkpoint and the Mill. As much to say to you that there is likely to be action.

But this new area is not just a giant beast washed up on a beach. Indeed, you will be able to explore the interior of its carcass and discover the temporary installation of the unit responsible for getting rid of it as quickly as possible.



In addition to the new main area we just told you about, several smaller areas have been added to various Storm Zone locations, the IMC Armories. These are platforms that were once underground, but now open up when you approach them .

As their name suggests, you can find equipment there to be able to face any enemy that presents itself, but these places can quickly attract people. There are several on the map that we have marked in red below.

Apex Legends, season 13: Changes to Storm Zone


Finally, the latest change to Storm Zone made by the developers has affected rangers. Indeed, a new camp has for example been added near Cenote and the prowlers will then pursue you into the caves or the coral massifs.

All other ranger camps and the spider camp have also been slightly tweaked. You should see these small changes in your games that are intended to revitalize these different areas of play a little to make them more interesting for players .

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