BrainBread 2: How to Create Skin

This tutorial will help you how to make skins for BrainBread 2


The Preparations

First of all before created a skin for those who do not know the existence of a skin is a texture taken from a model that allows us to change its appearance, we will have to brave friend: software .

-Photoshop: PhotoShop is a software to change the texture we want as we want, if you do not possessed PhotoShop, I suggests you to either download an eventual crack or download this software name (http:// /

-VTF Edit: .vtf opens a kind of texture and extract in another form such as that traditionally use .tga. download link ( Simply click on INSTALL

Find the skin of you want

Before the rush created your skin or what we need to know to find the source textures.
First you must have installed BrainBread 2 (just to be safe) Done right click and made BrainBread 2 properties

Once this is done, click Local File
Then made Browsing local files
After this manipulation, a fenétre will open automatically and you’d be in the source file of the game, then you should click on the file “brainbread2” Then faudras go to “materials”
After this step, go to half and there is a file name “models” enter this file
Descend to the bottom and click on the file “weapons” Now simply select the weapon you want to change me personnaly, I will choose AK47 which is located in the “rifles”

for AK47 must be opened with the VTF software akms.vtf edit the file (do not confuse with akms.vmf!)

famas for it in the folder “rifles” to be opened with the VTF software edit the file famas_diff.vtf

for rex (magnum) it in the folder “revolvers” must be opened with the VTF software edit the file diffuse.vtf

beretta for it in the folder “pistols” must be opened with the VTF software beretta_d.vtf edit the file (do not confuse with beretta_d.vmf!)
In short I will do everything possible because the temp I miss melee weapons are in the file “melee”, the rifles pumps in the file “shotguns” (for Remington edit the file with edit VTF is the ” remington_wood.vtf ”
The uzi and mp7 it is in the “SMGS”

create your own skin

Let’s episode the most interesting of this guide to better follow me I advice you to use the AK47 like me.
After you open the file with akms.vtf edit VTF you have this page will Open and you’ll do —— File> Export (I create you board a new file on your desktop and rename it as the skin that you will make (me for example I made the replica aK47 vulcan)

Once the extracted file in your folder, open the file you obtained (each weapon is weapons therefore diferrent) the AK47 akms.tga’ll now simply open the file with either Photoshop or

after you finish your skin

After you finish your skin you need to save your skin as .tga the wholesale base format.
Then once your skin back up, open it with VTF edit and save as made akms.vtf choose the name, save to your desktop.
I will not put the schematic of my ak47 vulcan you never know; 3

Courage it remains only 2 steps

Now just make alot of files stage.
So now we are in your file or save your skin in the same folder, create a new name him that this materials
then enter the materials file and creates a new file inside which will have the name “models” then in the models file, you still have to create another file that will have the name “weapons” in the weapons file then you need to create again and again another file which will have the name “rifles” then the rifles file, you still creates and again and again another file which will have the name “ak47” now end the carnage simply take your skin and put it in the file ak47

Finally it’s over! Nan jrigole ^^ missing one step to tap the skin now you have to go to the game and put your file folder of your skin (thus me it’s AK47-tiger) and put in the custom file

Now you can Contemplating your skin in game !

Last step for those who want to publish their skins!

A skin is beautiful but why you would keep the same for you nan I laugh I tease you
brief to post a skin in the Workshop you must install the tools BrainBread 2 which is in this position
Then he faudras you find it and you download it.
When he’ll start the install it and choose [WorkShopper] and double click on it
A page will opens, click create to create a new addons

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