Captain of Industry: World Map & FAQs

Here is the world map for early access version 0.4.4b and some frequently asked questions.


World Map v0.4.4b

Credit to RemoraDFC

Frequently Asked Questions

1.why does building input/output is oppsite with another building?

You can flip some building for better position
2.why my steam generator’s water supply keep overload with cooling tower?

You can use balance to make cooled water go first

3.When mining,why dirt and rock keep falling?

Dirt has 3 rock 7 you need to nail the dirt with some retaining wall which will hold about 5 high

4.why mining truck sometimes only delivery 1 dirt to dump?

Because the excavator only mine 1
You can put some loose storage next to tower so it can comes back quickly

5.And then neatly one is full but nobody move it to the furnace?

You need to set near one empty or target one full

But empty means no transport in
So using advance logistics control and connect tower to nearest one and make some out with it

Remember any connection make resources inside the storage won’t be able to take in or out with global trucks, only connected storage and assigned truck can

6.why truck still take 1 dirt into dumping?

Storage delete’s order or you need to turn off
“Allow partially loaded trucks” in global truck tag
(Top left no.5)

7.why does truck dump waste everywhere?

Also the truck tag
unset the waste,make a tower with dumping side in its range and preset the tower allow dump waste

Later it can be mine and dump

8.I have plenty of diesel,why does my truck are run out of it?

Don’t set all your diesel storage into full,truck won’t take as usable

This are only before the fuel station

9. What does lab has output?
It has recycles, just later.

10.why does excavator won’t fuel itself anymore?
Because fuel station can deliver for it, assign some truck!

11.How to remove the whole pipe? It can only quick cancel when building it

Hold shift.

12.How to use fuel station? Nobody want to use it

As it already need a storage to get input,but trucks are priority take emptying storage disesl
So make connect storage full,and make no other emptying will make it usable
Just reverse 8.
13.what is “item” how do I use it?

There is a recipe,and also you can right click on the buildings preview and recipe menu

14.does bigger trucks better?

First let me list it
Pickup 20 item 2 maintenance 5 fuel
Trucks 60 item 4 maintenance 15 fuel
Haul Truck 180 loose or liquid gas 8 maintenance 36 fuel

Small Excavator 6 for one dig 6 maintenance 10 fuel
Excavatorn 20 for one dig 12 maintenance 27 fuel
Mega Excavator 60 for one dig 24 maintenance 70 fuel

Tree Harvester 4 maintenance 12fuel
Large Tree Harvester 6 maintenance 32fuel
Harvester faster but cost most maintenance

Blue are fine for fuel station until Mega Excavator

Yellow take 3x as blue, cost only 2x maintenance and 3x fuel tank
As the running coat are the same,make truck idle are better that running all day

Haul Truck are same as 3x 1.5x 1.5x but’s slower need a unreserved 180 unit or it’s not effective
3.It stuck everywhere,same as Mega Excavator

Using it’s navigation to check if it could drive though or not all the times

The best use I think is transfer long range between mega storage
Or just collect something important

Excavators are same as trucks
But it’s pair trick are… Atleast 2 truck for one excavator
And don’t use haul truck if there has multi ore

Mega Excavator is good,but it stuck same as Haul Truck

Credit to 薄荷哈雅貼

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