Cyberpunk 2077: How to Get Unique MAXTAC Mantis Blades

Very short guide on how to acquire the unique Maxtac mantis blades + original character reference from 2013 Teaser trailer for Cyberpunk 2077.


Where and How

Go to the clothing store you see here, it’s locating in the CITY CENTER, and it’s on the upper left side. The nearest travel dataterm is in the screenshot.
Go to the clothing store and speak to the shop clerk, he is called Zane. Say/do anything buy some clothing if you want to. Then leave, wait a 2-3 in-game days and you should see a quest marker show up in where the clothing vendor icon was.
Go inside and speak once again to Zane, say anything it doesn’t matter. After the conversation you should be attacked by a Cyberpsycho Deal with it how you so please, you can just run around and wait for help to show up if you’re low level or weak.

Once the chap has been dealt with. Continue with the quest, once it ends. KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR MELISSA RORY!

She is the MaxTac officer who has the unique mantis blades on her and she drops them. If you can’t take your weapons out, quickly walk outside and walk back in again DONT LEAVE THE AREA ENTIRELY. Then you should be able to attack her. Quickly kill her and loot the mantis blades. WARNING: YOU WILL HAVE MAXIMUM WANTED LEVEL and MORE MAXTAC WILL SHOW UP


Melissa Rory Backstory

Originally Melissa Rory was a Cyberpsycho apprehended by MaxTac.

She is the woman seen in this trailer, the name of the job is BULLETS and the song that plays in the teaser trailer is also called BULLETS. So this job is a direct reference to her.

You can find this message about Melissa during the quest “THE HUNT” when looking through one of the NCPD computers.

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