Dolmen: Boss Dementula Guide

This is a video and written guide for the boss Dementula.   Dolmen Dementula Boss Dementula’s boss lair is a circular room filled with eggs that she has laid. If you come to close to them or you or Dementula break them, they will release a smaller npc version of herself. Over time one of … Read more

Spiritfarer Farewell Edition: Master Chef Achievement Guide (Updated June 2022)

This is a simple, up-to-date recipe guide in order of how they appear in your recipes list (new characters and dishes included)! Hope this helps! 🙂   List of Recipes (1-52) No. Dish Ingredients Dish Type 1 Grilled Fish Fish/Cephalopod Plain 2 Steamed Shellfish Shellfish Acquired Taste 3 Popcorn Corn Comfort 4 Poached Fruit Fruit … Read more

Dune Spice Wars: 20 Tips for Beginners

A few tips to help you make some good strategic decisions after you’ve already gone through the tutorial of the game. Go from struggling on easy to playing comfortably on hard.   Intro Dune: Spice Wars is an exciting and timely new 4X/RTS hybrid from Shiro Games, the makers of Northgard, currently in Early Access … Read more