Destiny 2: How to Farm the Heck Outta Dawning & Retain Your Sanity

You want Dawning loot. You want to get those A Gift in Return packages without losing your fraying sanity. You want to focus these packages to have a better shot of getting what you want while preserving your decaying mind for a few more days as it slips ever closer to the precipice of utter lunacy. Well, I’ve got just what you need!



Alright so silly thumbnail aside, this is a guide on how to get a stupid high amount of the following:

Hive ingredient (Chitin Powder)

Any weapon kill related flavour (Sharp Flavor, Balanced, etc)

Any elemental ingredient

Multikill ingredients

Super ingredients

And, of course, a giant pile of Dawning Spirit.

Let’s begin!

What You Will Need and Why

1. Starfarer 7M ship.

2. The Anniversary pack and access to Grasp of Avarice.

There’s a simple reason for why you want the Starfarer 7M for this farming method, and that’s this perk right here:  If you have the ship but not the perk, you can buy a pack from Eva on her second vendor page to get the perk.

Unfortunately, you will need to own the anniversary pack so that you have access to the Grasp of Avarice dungeon.

Because of the fact that the location I will show you will get you Hive, Weapon, Element, Multikill & Super ingredients (Depending on what you’re after) at such a stupidly high rate, this ship’s perk will net you a substantial amount of Dawning Spirit. Use this to buy the Dawning upgrades from Eva (get the snowball related upgrades last if you want the weapons).

While you’re at it though if you do want to do the repeatable “Bake Cookie X” bounties, make sure to grab the Bountiful Harvest upgrade from Eva first.

What You’ll Do

1. Pick any kind of weapon loadout that lends itself well to farming multikills. I suggest a machine gun, exotic or legendary doesn’t matter much.

2. Pick any kind of super that can kill many, many targets. Personally I recommend Code of the Aggressor Titan with Doomfang Pauldrons, but really you can do any good add-clearing super.

3. Launch into the Grasp of Avarice dungeon.

4. Kill a whooole bunch of Hive.

If you’re running Code of the Aggressor, this is a great place to throw your shield. Just one throw…

… can get you good stuff!

So there are some details here:

1. Every 10 engrams you pick up will give you full super & ability energy.

2. When you carry engrams, you have a 30 second timer. If this expires, you die (and that’s fine).

3. Keep supering, using it to kill enemies, and then pick up 10 engrams, repeat.

4. You cannot carry more than 100 engrams, meaning you can’t refresh your timer. This is a good time to die, reset, and repeat as needed.

5. Enemies will not spawn if you stand inside the cave. Additionally, sometimes a pair of Wizards will spawn above the cave instead of spawning a wave inside the cave. Stay outside the cave except for when you grab 10 engrams for new supers. Kill the Wizards.

Why This Place Rocks

“But Sauron,” I hear you ask, “why here?”

Well friend, here’s the list of reasons:

1. Since you have effectively infinite supers, you have an infinite source of Super, Element, Multikill and Hive ingredients.

2. Since you’re running Starfarer 7M, that infinite source of ingredients also becomes an infinite source of Dawning Spirit.

But that’s not even the best part…

So, let’s think about the ingredients we’re getting regardless of subclass or weapon loadout:

Chitin Powder (Hive)

Multifaceted Flavors (Any multikill, weapon or ability of any element))

Superb texture (Any super kill)

Well, if only there was a recipe that used these exact ingredie-

Oh yeah, here we go.

So now you have a perfect place to farm everything you need for a complete recipe, both through infinite supers and all the heavy/special ammo that you could ever possibly need dropping as you’re spamming supers. This means you can keep making cookies for Tess, hand them in, and get A Gift in Return. And to top it all off?..

… you’ve been getting ludicrous amounts of Dawning Spirit, so you can focus whichever package drops the Dawning weapon you want.

Actually, there’s one more thing. Tess is right next to Eva. This means that the person you’re trading gifts with is just a short walk away from the person who can focus those packages. No travelling all over the solar system to deliver the cookie, travel back, focus the package, no more!

One final and crucial note: Masterwork your oven by baking at least 1 of each recipe before farming cookies for Tess, it reduces the Essence cost from 15 to 10!

This will work with any class, any weapon loadout, any element. Even if you spend just a very short amount of time here, you’ll quickly find that you’re now limited by Essence rather than ingredients. I hope that you’ve found this useful!

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