Dinkum: All Animals List from Animal Research Centre

List of animals that you can send to Animal Research Centre and the list of their awards.


Welcome to you !
Don’t panic, the animals are fine, we help science.
You can also get help with the vehicles, you will carry several traps at once.

With the help of Animal Trap :

And an Animal Collection Point, to send your animals to the Animal Research Centre.

Jackaroo / Kangaroo
Rewarded : 6.400 Dink

Croco / Crocodile
Rewarded : 9.600 Dink

Rewarded : 4.000 Dink

Rewarded : 4.000 Dink

Rewarded : 4.400 Dink

Scrub Turkey
Rewarded : 4.200 Dink

Mu / Emu
Rewarded : 4.000 Dink

Bush Devil
Rewarded : 12.000 Dink

Wary Mu / CassoWary
Rewarded : 8.400 Dink

Glowing Croco / Glowing Crocodile
Rewarded : 9.600 Dink

Kidna / Echidna
Rewarded : 8.400 Dink

See you later !

It was a great adventure to photograph all these animals, I hope you liked it.
By RubberFox

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